Selection Principle and Collocation Skills of Men’s Belts

BRUCEGAO's Crocodile Belt Art.No 1001

BRUCEGAO teach you how to choose the belts

  The change on the trend of the belt is caused by the buckle to a great extent. The shape and the size of the buckle also showed a man’s charm. Gold buckle is usually related with noble words. The copper one shows people’s virility and strength. A large belt buckle like a character Hui fully reveals the man’s fortitude. The oval buckle shows man’s maturity and square represents man’s taste.

  The common belts in the market are made from pigskin leather, cowhide, sheepskin, crocodile, and leisure canvas. All kinds of texture present a variety of styles due to the different machining process.

  The pig and sheep skin are softer after being peeled; cowhide is of tough sense; the crocodile is of high grade. Embossing texture effect of BRUCEGAO belt makes it more attractive and special. The belt with a rope wrapped around the edge makes people feel delicate and beautiful in ruggedness.

  In the selection of the belt, the men take into account the belt which is less decorative. Simplicity and capability are man’s character. If the belt is too narrow, it will lose the virility, if it is too wide, it is only suitable for leisure style and jeans.

  1. BRUCEGAO judges the quality of a man’s belt by hands. In general, the leather is divided into two layers, the first layer of skin is relatively soft; the second skin without no surface skin, so it is usually pressed on a layer of artificial leather so that there is only one layer of genuine leather. The first layer of skin feels soft and it is usually more expensive, the second layer of leather feels harder.

  2. Compared with the second layer of leather, the first layer leather of BRUCEGAO could be used longer. The artificial leather on the second layer of leather is pressure down, which will crack after a long time, then the belt cannot be used. In the market, the belts of which the price is 200 dollars or more are the first layer leather belt.

  3. In general, belt buckles in business style are relatively simple, and the complex belt will seem very feminine and of no business temperament. The quality does not depend on the size of the Logo on the belt buckle. In European culture, the businessman is very low-key and subtle, but the dress would be very appropriate, and their primary concern is wearing comfortable, and the collocation with shoes and belt color is very perfect whether in material or color. So, the key is that the belt matches the clothes.

  4. In fact, on business occasions, the first impression is very important. A belt with fine texture and fashionable style can really reflect a person’s taste, such as the popular fine belt. In business situations, choosing a safe, simple and modest black belt is better. When you attend the party at night with your business partner, you can choose a lovely belt to show a personal style.

  5. The belt is a kind of consumable and being used for a long time will be bad. You just clean it with leather care agent instead of the alkaline detergent. The belt needs to be moist like shoes. In fact, the best way of maintenance is preparing more than one belt, such as the black belt, brown leather belt, cream-colored belt and so on. Change different colors to match pants. As long as the belt is changed frequently, generally the belt does not need special care.

BRUCEGAO's Crocodile Belt Art.No 1002

BRUCEGAO teaches you the combination of belts

  Both the selection of belts and the combination of belts are important, and different people have different belt combinations. The classic man is calm and introverted, and the classic belt is simple, pure, noble and tough. Calf skin belt with gold and silver metal buckle inherits traditional details, if it slightly changes, it will reveal the spirit of the times without losing the classic character.

  For example, the classic combination of black belts and silver buckles shows the simplicity and brightness of men. It is one of the necessities of men of course.

  The romantic man always attracts many women’s attentions. Their belts are more colorful and decorative. However, the romantic men may be different from women who are emotional. Men are more reserved, so men’s belt is not rich in change but is simple. It is a subtle change. Slim models and pastel colors suit to a romantic man.

  Free, unrestrained, vibrant male charm cannot be refused by men and they will naturally look to ornaments highlighting heroic personality. Rough leather belts and braided belts reflect extraordinary masculinity. Linen woven together with leather is perfect, which is not luxurious but masculine.

BRUCEGAO Crocodile Belt Art.No 1003

BRUCEGAO tells you some details

  First, the adornment of the belt is the first, so it cannot be carried with too many articles. Simplicity and aptitude are the characteristics of a man

  Second, the length of the belt should not be neglected, and the end of belt should be between the first and second button loop of trousers

  Three, the width between the belt and the man’s body should be kept within 3cm. It is too narrow to lose masculinity, or it is too wide for casual style and jeans.

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