How to Take Care of Your Alligator Leather Belts

Alligator leather belts are so in fashion. Leather belts don’t only look classy and elegant but also add grace to overall dressing. For leather belt lovers, alligator belts are a perfect fit. If you want to get limelight at your parties then an alligator leather belt is the perfect choice for you. These are perfect gifts for fashion lovers. The best thing about alligator leather belts is that they go with both formal and informal attire. Leather products are generally expensive and so are alligator leather belts. They fall into the category of premium products this is why they get so much attention. People usually buy premium products for their unmatched quality and trendy appeal. But the classy looks come with a huge cost so if you want to prolong the useful life of your alligator leather belts then you got to take really good care of your belts. There are certain do’s and don’t’s that can guide you in the right way to use your belts. Good care can not only help you to maintain the shape and natural elegance of the belts but will also help to use the belt (add to its life) with the same shine and sheen.

These tips and tricks will help you to take great care of your alligator leather belts

Complete Guide on How to Take Care of Your Alligator Leather Belts-Alligator Belts for Men

Proper cleaning

A good cleaning is a key to ensuring that your alligator leather belt will remain in good shape. Of course, daily cleaning is not a piece of practical advice but occasional cleaning is a prerequisite to maintain the shape and look of your belt. Spending a little time cleaning your belt is a smart way to use the belt. The best way to clean is to wipe the inner side of the belt with a wet towel. Also remember, do not wait to dry the belt naturally, rather use a face towel to cover and squeeze the belt to remove all moisture. Afterward, you can store your belt for later use.

Adequate storage

When not in use, it is better to store the belt properly. Don’t just throw your alligator leather belt in a pile of your belts and socks. Remember, premium products need premium care. Store your alligator leather belt in a cool and dry place. Direct sunlight and excessive heat fluctuation can also cause damage to the belt so never store your belt in a place where it is exposed to direct sunlight.

Complete Guide on How to Take Care of Your Alligator Leather Belts-Alligator Belts

Avoid daily usage

Though you might be in love with your new leather belt it is advised to avoid daily use. This is so because routine usage increases the exposure of the belt to fluctuating temperature, sweating, wear and tear which can affect your belt badly. Such kind of overusing can loosen your belt and fade its’ natural shine. So, it’s better to use this premium product on premium occasions to save it from aging effects.

Use your belt in a while

Some people get so conscious of their alligator belts that they store the belts for only special occasions and keep them stored almost all the time. Whereas, avoiding routine use doesn’t mean that you should never use the belt. Extreme approaches will only cause wear and tear to your belt. The best tip is to maintain a balance in usage and use your belt once in a while so that air can pass through it because your belt needs breathing too.

How to Take Care of Your Alligator Leather Belts-Alligator Belt

Keep it away from water

Moisture is the biggest enemy of leather products. You might have heard it before but you have to remember it by heart now after owning an alligator leather belt. Excess water exposure can cause irreversible damage to your belt. If your belt somehow got exposed to water then make sure to tap it with a cloth, tweak it to absorb the moisture, and leave it to dry naturally. You can also place it under a fan to completely dry the belt and then keep it in storage. Remember never to put your belt under direct sunlight or in front of dryers to dry out. Let your belt dry out naturally indoors. You may have to flip the belt every other hour to ensure that both sides are dry. You can also hang it somewhere by the hook so that both sides get dry at the same instant to save you time.

Avoid sharp folding

The great way to store your alligator leather belt is by hanging it from a hook. But if you don’t have a decent hook or are facing space management issues then you can fold the belt. But remember sharp folding can cause cracks, warps, and other such damages to the belt. The best way to fold the belt is to ensure that it is loose enough to prevent it from getting all crackly. The ideal folding radius is greater than 8 inches.

Chemical usage

You can also apply chemicals that are specially made for alligator skin products on your belts. You have to ensure that the chemicals are friendly for the alligator leather belts. Household chemicals, alcohol, or any other material can damage your belt, cause cracks and discolor your belt. Harsh chemicals can damage the shiny finish of your belt and lower its useful life which you surely won’t like. So, never take the risk of applying some random product. Always look for authentic products from authentic sellers that you can trust to clean your alligator leather belts.

How to Take Care of Your Alligator Leather Belts-Black Alligator Belt

Leather Conditioner

You can also apply conditioners specially designed for alligator leather products. Always buy authentic products from authentic sellers that you are 100% sure of to enhance the look of your belt.


Extending the lifetime of something such exotic is necessary. So, with this guide, we hope you can take good care of your alligator belt. Follow these practices and rules, and you will be surprised how long your alligator leather belt stays as good as new. This way, you can add more exotic belts and leather products to your collection instead of just throwing out those that quickly wear out.