Men’s Designer Belts under $400

Cheap things do not match the style and the look you are looking for. It is because of the low-quality parts and materials used for making them. On the other hand, the designer products are made especially considering the quality and the look.

This is the reason the designer products are successful in providing a very classy look. A belt is one of the most important parts of a male’s dress so here we will discuss some great designer belts that you can buy for less than $400.

Top Men Designer Belts under $400:

Below are the top picks

Classic Alligator Belt Adjustable Dress Belt for Men

Classic Alligator Belt Adjustable Dress Belt for Men:

Sometimes men need their products to be as simple and minimalist as possible. It is because the simpler products provide a very classy feel. If you also have this mindset, then this classic belt will be the best product for you.

Features of this belt:

The buckle is made from Nickel Alloy.

The nickel alloy buckle of this belt not only makes the buckle very strong, but the buckle is also able to retain its shiny surface for a very long time.

Every piece is a unique piece.

Every belt that you buy will be a unique piece. It is because the pattern of alligator skin will be different, and the belt is also handmade.

No worries regarding the size of the belt.

The belt is available in many different sizes for the men of foddering waists. So, you will not have to worry about the size of the belt.

The perfect combination of quality and style.

Because of the minimalist and simplistic design of this belt, it provides great style and a classy appearance. Additionally, the handmade leather strap and best quality buckle make this belt the perfect combination of style and quality.

Benefits of this belt:

  • This belt is available in 2 different tones making it the perfect choice for you.
  • The classic buckle makes it perfect for you if you are looking for a classy yet minimalist look.
  • This is a dress belt that men of all ages can use for any kind of wear.
  • The adjustment design of the belt makes it easy to provide a proper fit.

Mens Alligator Leather Ratchet Dress Belt

Men’s Alligator Leather Ratchet Dress Belt:

This is another belt that comes with a rather simple design, but the buckle of this belt is a unique item. It is because of the buckle having an alligator made on it. This buckle makes this belt a perfect choice for different men.

Features of this belt:

Available in numerous configurations.

Sometimes men are looking for a variety in a single product. This belt is the perfect item for that case. It is because it comes in a variety of color configurations.

Handmade belt to ensure perfection and class.

The strap of this belt is explicitly made by skilled workers. This handmade leather strap provides a classy appearance in itself.

One of the best gift items.

This is a belt that can suit the dress of men of all ages so it can be used as a gift for men of all ages.

The belt has a no hole design.

The no hole design of this belt makes it look very clean and classy because of the consistency in the natural alligator leather pattern.

Benefits of this belt:

  • The buckle of this belt is a unique thing and provides a great appearance.
  • The buckle mechanism of this belt provides a unique and easy auto-locking and removal mechanism.
  • The finish of the leather of this belt is classy and long-lasting.
  • You can easily adjust the size of the belt according to your waist.

Alligator Skin Belt with Natural Zircons and Bee Pattern Pin Buckle

Alligator Skin Belt with Natural Zircons and Bee Pattern Pin Buckle:

If you love to have the things that are on the fancier side, then this is the best belt for you. It is because of its unconventional and unique style. It comes with a lot of features that we have discussed as well.

Features of this belt:

The bee pattern buckle is very unique.

The buckle of the belt has a bee pattern on it. This is something that you will see nowhere making it a very unique item.

The buckle showcases exquisite workmanship.

Every buckle is handmade. It means that the application of stones on the buckle if not by hand makes it appear very classy.

The buckle of this belt is made with the latest electroplating techniques.

The shine of the buckle of this belt comes because of the latest electroplating techniques. It also ensures that the shine will not go away any soon.

Genuine leather strap.

The belt also has a great leather strap that is handmade from genuine alligator leather making it a classy and long-lasting belt.

Benefits of this belt:

  • The handmade leather strap ensures the class of this belt.
  • The stones used for this belt have great wear resistance ensuring years of usage without any problem.
  • The overall style of this belt will provide an exceptional dressing style.
  • Despite its exceptional beauty, the belt is very lightweight to ensure comfortable wearing.

Luxury Crocodile Belt With Agate Buckle

Luxury Crocodile Belt with Agate Buckle:

This is the belt that will put you on the other side of being classy and unique. It is because of its exceptionally beautiful buckle. Apart from the buckle of this belt, it also has great aspects in terms of style and durability.

Features of this belt:

The Agate buckle of this belt is very unique.

It is the main highlight of this belt as this is a buckle that you will hardly find anywhere else.

Alloy buckle is perfect for the stone.

To make the buckle of this belt match with the appearance of the stone, it is made with alloy and polished with different techniques. This makes it match with the shine of the stone.

This stylish belt can match daily wearing outfits in the best way.

This is a belt that can be used with any kind of dress. It is because it can be used for event wearing and daily usage as well. The greatest thing is its no hole style.

Benefits of this belt:

  • This belt comes in a very unconventional leather pattern.
  • Every single buckle is handmade.
  • The belt lasts very long because it is made from original Alligator leather instead of embossed cow leather.
  • The belt is made with a hole-free strap making it look very classy.


Having a belt is very important for every man but having a great and unique belt is more important. That is why here we discussed some unique belts that you can buy. Each of these belts can add a lot to your style making them feel and look very classy.