Maintaining Method of the Crocodile Belt

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The method for cleaning stains on the crocodile belt:

  Brush the stains quickly with a little soapy water, and then wipe the stains with a damp cloth. In order to avoid water seeping into the leather, it is best done in 20 seconds. In addition, consumers can oil the leather, which has a protective effect on the leather belt. In this way, the maintenance work is more complete.

   When the crocodile belt is worn for a long time, it will send out an offensive odor and “hardening” is also a common symptom. If the crocodile belt is often in a humid environment, the rate of hardening will accelerate. Sweat erodes the leather, which makes the crocodile belt deformed, hardening even fractured, therefore, in addition to the maintenance, it is absolutely necessary to change the belt instead of bending the hardening one. Using a little money helps maintain a beautiful appearance, and avoid unnecessary losses. It is to kill two birds with one stone. Why not do it? The comfort of the crocodile belt attracts people most, but maintenance is a big trouble.

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   It is suggested that consumers wear the crocodile belt in the winter because in the summer or after exercise, people sweat easily. Try not to wear it at this time. If you really want to wear it, you should wipe the sweat and then put it on, in order to extend the service life. Materials of the belt are various, generally can be divided into crocodile, lizard skin, ostrich skin, shark skin, and cowhide. No matter what kind of material is, the belt used for a long time will send out an offensive odor, so cleaning and keeping it dry are key points of maintaining the belt. The wet belt should be wiped with a dry cloth immediately, and the dust should be brushed with a cloth (if the cleaning cloth is wet, you should make the belt dry). In addition, long time sunshine will deteriorate the belt, which needs your attention. In general, the belt material can be divided into crocodile, lizard skin, shark skin, ostrich skin and cowhide, and the price is from 200 dollars to 500 dollars, however, no matter what kind of material the belt is made from, the belt is worn for a long time will produce offensive odor, or be hardening. If the maintenance is appropriate, it will extend the service life of the belt. You can do it by yourself, which is economical and practical. So how to maintain the crocodile belt?

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Crocodile belt maintaining method:

   It is important to protect the buckle from scratching and fading. We can use a transparent nail polish to paint again to prevent bleaching. When it is idle, you can put the crocodile belt buckle on a soft cloth, not in direct contact with sharp objects, in the case of being scratched on the surface.

   Crocodile leather should be away from water, cannot be immersed in water for a long time, for water and sweat will make crocodile leather harden and crisp. When you go swimming, take the hot water bath and have a sauna, it is best not to wear the crocodile belt.

   Long term intense sunlight will make the crocodile belt fade and accelerate the aging of the leather, so it should not be irradiated in the sun for a long time

   Never pull the crocodile belt when you dress up. Pin fixed position is easily cracked. Bending too much is easy to make the belt broken. Therefore, you should wear the belt carefully and gently.

   The surface of the crocodile belt is stained with oil after long-term using. We can use a wet handkerchief paper with a little detergent to wipe the stains on the crocodile belt gently and then take a toothbrush with soapy water to clean it quickly, with a damp cloth to wipe the soapy water. In order to prevent the water seeping into the leather, it is best done in 20 seconds.

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