Best men’s belts 2019: keep your trousers up and compliment your outfit

When it comes to shaping your personality and style then you can complement your outfit by just the smallest thing and by that it means belts. Belts are the most essential part of your outfit and it is carried by both men and women and without belts, your styling looks imperfect, specifically for men. So BRUCEGAO is producing the best quality men’s belts that will compliment your outfit. Most of the men already know why they carry a belt, its purposeful part of their wardrobe. But apart from it, the basic purpose of the belts is to prevent your pants from falling down your ankles. A sensible man knows very well how to carry its belts, that means with what type of clothes and colors you should wear a belt. BRUCEGAO is a brand which is making belts that match a man’s standards and which are very trendy and stylish.

Here are the best men’s belts which a man should wear in 2019:

men's belts

men’s belts

1. Genuine leather dress belt:

BRUCEGAO is making genuine leather dress belts which are perfect for starters, many users love its design and the fact that it is easy to handle, this leather belt has a fastening mechanism which grips it in its place… with the help of this mechanism, you can adjust your belt according to your waistline every time… this belt is made up of leather and polyurethane, truly speaking it is not made up of full-grain leather, but with a material which breaths easily, resists moisture and it has a prolonged use. This belt looks really elegant for a dressy occasion, BRUCEGAO is also making good quality buckles which are made up of zinc alloy, and it is scrape resistant and also lightweight and robust. The buckle is also interchangeable so that you can choose the buckle according to your clothing. This leather dress belt is best suited for classier and business occasion.

2. Full grain leather belts with snaps;

BRUCEGAO is making a full grain leather belt with 100% leather that has an antique feel, but it fits flawlessly in today’s world. The reason that this belt gets the name “antique’ is because it is made from one piece of real cowhide. Just like in the 1960s and ’70s. This belt comes with snaps for substitutable buckles. You can simply snap on or off your preferred buckle whenever needed… BRUCEGAO is producing these belts in five colors so that your belts will easily get interconnected with your clothing, these belts will be available in size ranges from 32-46. There are several holes available in this best for flexibility purpose and it goes perfectly for the more formal occasion, it is a perfect belt for casual jeans and pants, and it will be graded among the best belts in the world.

3. Reversible belts for men;

In 2019, men should definitely wear this reversible belts produced by BRUCEGAO brand, this belt is rescindable with black and brown color on the 2 sides. this belts have a very classy look and can be worn in both casual and formal occasion… because of its rescindable property its very useful because it can match to your clothing easily, and it can also complement you, whether you are wearing khakis or dark suits; this reversible belt is made up of 40% vinyl, 40% leather, and 20% polyurethane. The material of this belt is tough and elastic. It can be worn in a variety of occasion because of its well-finished and even look. This belt would be affordable and well worth the investment.

men's alligator belts

men’s alligator belts

4. Another genuine leather dress belt;

BRUCEGAO is producing this belt to complement your outfit, this belt has a greater stitching design with an even finish, if you want to wear 100% leather, then this would be a great option; there are many qualities in this belt like it comes with a dual look for added safety; these belts are available in both black and brown color, the black belt comes with a buckle in silver finish, while the brown belt has a golden buckle. Both the buckles are the single spine. It looks very elegant and gives you an urbane and comfortable feel. The belt width is 1.2 inches and they are available in size range from 32 to 60 consisting of big and high sizes; this belt is long lasting because of its 100% leather construction.

5. Weighty  tanned leather belt;

This heavy-duty leather belt is for people who work in a tough environment, it is made from durable leather, and this kind of belt can stand up to roughest weather conditions such as snow and rain. BRUCEGAO is producing this belt with a composition of 13 to 14 ounces bronzed leather with a single thorn buckle in a satin nickel finish, however, it doesn’t matter how rough is your profession, this tanned leather belt is durable and long-lasting, even the ends of the belt that often become worn over time, this belt maintain its shape from the ends also, you can wear this belt with jeans, this belt grips the pressure of threatening jobs and you can wear it on casual occasion also, it is available in brown color, but you can color it also depending upon your likings.

6. Black leather changeable belt;

BRUCEGAO is producing this kind of belt as a luxury item, and it is quite expensive and it is not for everyone only for those who can afford it. Beside this belt keeps your belt hastily sliding towards your ankle, but it can also serve as a cornerstone to your attire. This belt is made up of 100% calf leather and it is available in black mastic buckle with a round gold coating. The glossy gold coating on the buckles gives an expensive look while the black leather modifiable belt looks old-style; it looks great for men who want to have a designer feel…

So the BRUCEGAO brand is producing worlds best quality belts that keep your trousers up and complement your outfit, you should definitely buy them and wear them in 2019…

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