What Color of the Crocodile Belt Matches to the Blue Pants

  Blue is common in men’s suits, symbolizing confidence, calmness, and truth, which is popular with the public. Similarly, the crocodile belt is a symbol of identity, status, and wealth, which is preferred on business occasions. What color of the crocodile belt matches to the blue pants?

Black Crocodile Belt to Match The Blue Pants

  According to the color matching rules, blue is well matching to black and white. Color matching not only attaches importance to the harmony of every part but also pay attention to the whole balance. The best combination is a blue suit matching a white shirt, a black belt, black shoes and black briefcase. In addition, you can choose a dull red bow tie with patterns.

  The first one is the black crocodile belt. Dark blue and black is so close that the combination is not very strange, besides, black is all-matched and most common in the belt. The combination of black and blue is very calm, elegant and stylish, which can show delicacy and tastes of a man.

  Blue pants should match the crocodile belt in what color? My answer is blue deeper than the color of pants. The same color collocation will show special good effect, but you should pay attention to balance and unity. If colors are too similar, the belt is difficult to be noticed. If colors vary dramatically, they are in sharp contrast, which is not good. Gradient is the best choice.

Brown Crocodile Belt to Match the Blue Pants

  Furthermore, deep coffee color and dark brown are fine. The two color also belong to the dark blue collocation series, and of no sense of violation, but attention also needs to be paid to the overall color balance and unity, preferably matching with a briefcase and shoes, forming a 3-1 law. It is noted that a simple buckle should be chosen, which will be easier to match.

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