Many Knowledge About Crocodile Belt

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1, the importance of face to woman what the importance waist to man

  In other words, man’s belt is like a woman’s lipstick. In addition to the practicability, the belt could be a certain decoration, showing the wealth, tastes, the details of life and the personal charm. The belt is one of the few ornaments to man, just as watches, so it is particularly important to choose the suitable crocodile belt, especially for a business man.

2, Choose different colors of crocodile belts on different occasions

  Just as we dress differently on different occasions, clothes in business occasions should be serious, while dress in daily life can be casual. In general, people on business occasions choose a dark belt with good texture, especially in black, brown, dark brown. Try to choose a belt with fine workmanship, which appears to be high-grade. The crocodile leather belt should be firstly selected to attend business occasions. It is magnificent, fashionable and in good taste. On leisure occasions, it is fine to be comfortable, without any restrictions.

3, a successful person must have at least 5 belts

. A formal business belt, black or brown, simple, without too much decoration, the texture is good;
. A neutral leather belt matching to the casual pants and jeans, without limits of styles;
. A thin belt of Oxford cloth or woven fabric which is suitable for summer;
. A belt with personality and distinctiveness, used in casual occasions;
. A rare animal belt, which is unique, high-grade, modest and tasteful.

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4, Two basic points of selecting the crocodile belt

  The first is the texture, we must choose the brand of genuine crocodiles, such as BRUCEGAO. Moreover, we’d better select belt made from the whole leather without stitching, which is more durable. The second is the belt buckle. The good style of the belt depends on the buckle, which is divided into needle buckle, smooth buckle, and automatic buckle. In order to avoid encumbrance and flaunting wealth, you’d better choose the simple metal buckle, like the matting one, unnoticed and dim.

5, A good taste lies in the details of the crocodile belt

  Processing is the soul of a belt, sewing is neat and meticulous with nothing residual. The woven edge tests the workmanship while the oil edge has three kinds of crafts, gel sealing is easy to crack, the wax edge is more senior, like the edge of BRUCEGAO. CMC edge is for the leisure belt and less for the business, for there is much friction between the business belt and suit pants. Good edge is thin and smooth, with no more scraps.

6, Crocodile belts must be used in this way

  When the crocodile belt is idle, it must be hung vertically without bending. If it is preserved for a long time, it should be rolled in the box. In order to keep the belt lustered, it is suggested to maintain it with professional leather care once of month. In addition, it is important to keep crocodile belt away from water. If it is cracked, peeled, unglued, it should be repaired immediately. Only in this way, it is possible to extend the service life of the belt to the utmost.

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