What will iPhones of 2018 be called

  The Apple Company earns a lot of its business through merely the iPhones. Apple surely manufactures other products like Macbook, iWatches etc. but iPhones consume approximately 60% receipts of the company worldwide. The receipts not only depend upon the massive manufacturing of the product but also on the interest of the people. The sales also depend on the way the upcoming product has been publicized. In the company’s success, its way of publicity has always played a really important role in its increasing worth and sales. To increase the curiosity and the interest of the people in the upcoming products, the company adds a spark by making announcements about the tiniest, yet, only the tiniest details about the upcoming products. Now, People are keen to know about every single detail of the upcoming iPhones. The most important thing in which the people showing the great interest is to know the names of the iPhones that are to be released.

iPhone 9, 9s, 9 Plus

According to the rumors at the present time:

  As goes the curiosity of the people, the thought of the hour is that what will the new iPhones be called. As from 2017, the sequence of the iPhone names has created the confusion. The reason for this is the iPhone X. Jumping through the iPhone 9, iPhone X was released right after the iPhone 8. So, here comes the curiosity. Most of the people think that Apple would continue the X series that have just started and made great sales in a very small span of time. iPhone X has been a great success and that is why it is considered that Apple would name the next iPhones according to it. It can release the iPhone Xs according to its traditional sequence for the past few years. iPhone X2 can also be released by continuing its style. Also according to a rumor, the size of iPhone X is going to be increased in its next version, so the next iPhone can be called iPhone X Plus as well. We guess that the most chances are of iPhone X Plus because iPhone X has been loved by everyone that if the new iPhone comes with a few modifications along with this name, people would love it too just like before.

iPhone XI、iPhone X Plus

  The name of the iPhone also depends upon its new last updated feature of Touch ID. If the Touch ID will be made a part of the new iPhones than it might not be a next part of the X series. As the Touch ID was not a part of iPhone X, there is a possibility that by continuing iPhone X series, the Touch ID will no more exist. However, on the other hand, some people also oppose the new iPhone to be a member of the iPhone X family. There have been rumors that the iPhone X was released out of the sequence as a celebration of Apple completing its decade. So, there are chances that the upcoming iPhones are going to be the iPhone 9 series. The iPhone 9 series can include iPhone 9, 9s, 9 Plus or 9s Plus because this has been the sequence for the naming of iPhones so far. So, let’s just wait and watch what Apple has planned for us next.

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