Why iPhone Xs Max is the best smartphone in 2018

Apple is one of the most popular electronics manufacturing company. It manufactures different electronic devices like tablets, laptops, iPods, earphones and also smartphones.

Apple smartphones are much popular and used among people. Although, they are much expensive as compared to other Android smartphones, while people prefer to buy and use them because of their amazing features.

One of the latest smartphone produced by Apple is iPhone Xs Max. It is the latest model after iPhone X. It has captured most of the user’s attention because of its exciting features. Here, we are going to explain some of the coolest features that make iPhone Xs Max the best smartphone in 2018.

The best smartphone in 2018 - iPhone Xs Max

1. Better OLED Screens

One of the best features of iPhone Xs Max is its bigger and better OLED screen display. This smartphone has 6.5 inches display which is made up of 3.3 million pixels. It offers the super retina display that packs more pixels and 60 percent greater dynamic range as compared to the old models. With such kind of high-quality display and the high range of pixels offered by the iPhone Xs Max, you will be able to enjoy the high-resolution videos in a more realistic way.

2. A12 Bionic Processor

The iPhone Xs Max is packed with the high-speed A12 Bionic processor. It is a 7nm chip that consists 6.7 billion transistors and 8-core dedicated machine. This thing is to enable to analyze the neural network data in a better way to figure out whether the processes should run on CPU, GPU or neural engine without any complications or not. This processor is capable to process 5 trillion operations per second and to provide you the most significant speed of opening apps 30 percent faster using less battery power. It seems like the fastest processors among all the smartphones.

iPhone Xs Max-Black

3. 512GB Storage

Another amazing feature of iPhone Xs Max is its great storage capacity. The iPhone Xs Max offers 512GB storage to store important documents, files, and other media as much as you want. No offense that it has enhanced its price but it also offers better storage quality and high data processing speed as compared to the other smartphones.

4. High Definition Camera

iPhone Xs Max offers the HD camera at both front and back. It offers 12 MP wide-angle camera with a telephoto lens at back and 7MP camera at front. Additionally, it offers the more powerful sensors and best-LED flash along with advanced flicker-detection system at back camera while the front camera offers 2x faster sensor and advanced red-eye reduction system along with detail segmentation.

5. Smart HDR

Another exciting feature of iPhone Xs Max is smart HDR. This is possible because of the powerful A12 processor chip used in the iPhone Xs Max. It uses the smartphone’s image signals processor and the neural engine to merge several photos into one. This happens by the techniques like highlight detail and zero shutter lag which makes the phone to capture best quality photos. Additionally, it offers the feature to enhance the low-light photos at every shot by adding more highlight detail even in video, patriot, pano and the timelapse mode.

iPhone Xs Max-Golden

6. Stereo Recording

iPhone Xs Max offers stereo quality microphones to capture high definition sound in every mode. It has 4 microphones that enable the user to experience richer sound quality as compared to the other smartphones. It will provide best sound in the video, audio and also at the call mode.

7. Augmented Reality

The processor imposed in the iPhone Xs Max provides a lot of functionalities. As it improved the overall features but it also has provided the range of different apps and the amazing features coming along with iOS 12. The coolest feature like emoji and better evaluation of 3D objects in ARKit 2.0 that runs in background ensures that everything should look smooth.

8. Waterproofing

The iPhone Xs Max provide the better waterproofing feature as compared to previous models of iPhone. It is the most beneficial and useful feature of this smartphone. In case, your iPhone Xs Max has dropped into wet place or any drowned environment, then you don’t have to worry because this device has the ability to remain waterproof up to the 2-meter depth and 30 minutes long. It also offers you dust proofing if you are traveling or dealing with any dusty area.

iPhone Xs Max-White

9. Enhanced Battery Life

The iPhone Xs Max is packed with more powerful and enhanced battery life. It offers an hour and a half more battery life than the iPhone X and the iPhone Xs. It is because of its the massive battery which enables you to surf and utilize different features of this phone all day. This battery is also fast chargeable than the other smartphones. It takes less than an hour to be full. In addition, there also a less battery consuming apps and features installed in the iPhone Xs Max that also helps to enhance the battery power.

10. Dual SIM

It happens first time in the history of iPhone that it provides the dual SIM feature as the other Android smartphones do. It has combined one physical SIM card and an eSIM together. This technology enables the user to keep two phone numbers, two different plans or to travel with two different local data plans without swapping out any of the SIM cards. It also offers the new Intel Modem to boot so the iPhone Xs Max can work with four major carriers like Verizon, T-Mobile, AT & T and Sprint.


Well, above has described the most exciting and coolest features that the iPhone Xs Max offers. You might think about the price of this new model but you should also consider these exciting features that will definitely worth your money. You can enjoy these amazing features and also different other hidden features that the Apple company had provided into their latest iPhone Xs Max smartphone. It will be a great source to excite your friends with this massive Apple product.

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