Why do we need to choose Goodyear welted shoes

  Have you ever wondered why one pair of the shoes is priced $100 and the other one for around $1000? You might be aware of the answer which states that the quality and the brand of the shoe play a vital role in deciding for its fair or expensive price. However, what you might not know is that shoes have a construction method on which its quality, durability, and price depend. The construction method from the older times was time-consuming and also expensive which is why people have reduced using it and invented new and advanced methods that are the machine operated without any efforts of manufacturing a fine-quality product.

  However, the old method of shoemaking including the Goodyear welt construction is by far the most trustworthy technique of creating high-quality shoes without comprising on its stitching. This is the main reason why most of the people still prefer to buy the expensive shoes made from the Goodyear welt construction method over the new ones that depend on the machines with zero human effort involved.

Goodyear welted alligator skin shoes

Why are the Goodyear welted shoes expensive?

  The main reason for the Goodyear welted shoes being expensive than the other ordinary shoes is the stitching of the welt with the outer and inner sole shoe that allows it to stick together without any chances of tearing apart of damaging. The welt is a thing leather ribbon that is specifically used to support the shoes so that it can be stitched with the insole with the intention of making it reliable for a prolonged use. However, firstly the leather and then it’s stitching with the outer sole makes the Goodyear welted shoes expensive but with a promise of genuine shoe construction without any doubt of the poor quality.

Goodyear welted shoes from BRUCEGAO

Reasons for choosing the Goodyear Welted shoes

  There are numerous reasons for choosing the Goodyear welted shoes because of which it is still being used after years of being invented, some of which are mentioned below:

  1. Durability:

  The durability that the Goodyear welted offer is the foremost reason for choosing them among the other traditional shoes. These shoes can be worn for years without getting damaged for a rough use. Also, the trust these shoes have built in their customers is mainly due to it’s high-quality that does not allow it to disfigure.

  1. The stitching support:

  The support that the Goodyear Welted shoes have due to the leather welt being stitched to the outer and inner sole makes it worth it for a long-term use. It allows the shoes to remain the same after being used multiple times without giving an old or damaged look.

  1. Design:

  The design of the Goodyear a welted shoe is also very appealing and attractive because the welt enhances the shoe’s outer part and delivers a classy and elegant look.

  1. Comfort:

  The comfort of the Goodyear welted shoes is beyond imagination because of the supreme quality that it possesses and mainly because of the stitched welt’s support.

  Choosing the Goodyear welted shoes is a wise decision if the intention is to make a worthy purchase of a pair of shoes that will not cheat in the beginning or mid-way.

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