What parts of the crocodile can make wallet

   A lot of people like crocodile leather wallets, first of all, crocodile skin itself is good, the second is that the crocodile leather wallet is very durable, besides, the more it is used, the more beautiful it looks. Generally, whether the different parts of crocodile leather wallet influence the quality and the price of the wallet? Actually, the whole parts of the crocodile skin can be used to make wallets, but the different parts of the cortex make the difference of the feel and the quality.

the whole parts of the crocodile skin can be used to make wallets


   The first one to say is the skin of the crocodile belly. The belly is the softest part lace on crocodile skin and the best coriaceous part on crocodile skin. This part of the cortex is most suitable for the production of the big wallet, because whether the lines or plaid are very clear and good-looking, and over sized plaid is even more popular. Wallets taken from this part are at the highest prices.


   It is very common to make wallet in the use of the skin of the crocodile back, for the reason of the cortex of this part is very hard and it has the strong feel of concave and convex. Wallets taken from this part are very marvelous and pretty, especially wallets made of the skin of crocodile head and the pattern of the head part is as beautiful as petals.


   The skin of crocodile claw can also be used to make wallets. It is very marvelous to use claw to make wallets directly, remaining the shape of the claw. This part has the same effect as the skin of crocodile head but is less beautiful than the skin of crocodile head.


   A large part of the crocodile wallet is the middle part of the crocodile’s back. The leather part is the most common and both the quality and feel are good. The price is not so high.

Crocodile skin can be used to make wallets

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