How to tell if your crocodile handbag is made of genuine crocodile leather

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  Crocodile leather is considered to be one of the classiest and reliable materials for the handbags. The reason for it is the durability and elegant look that it delivers. Crocodile leather handbags are becoming common nowadays which are also trending in the latest fashion. Women who are fond of leather handbags prefer to buy the one that is made of crocodile leather because of its fine quality and magnificent finishing.

  It’s hard for women to resist when they spot a new crocodile leather handbag. This is why its market demand and value is increasing day by day which is adding a lot to its worth. That said, with its increasing demand, a lot of the retailers and merchandisers have started selling fake crocodile handbags by faking its original properties. Due to this reason, it has become necessary to be able to differentiate between the fake and genuine ones by understanding some basic factors of the real crocodile leather.

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  1. The pattern of the scales:

  The pattern of the scales on a crocodile handbag says a lot about its originality. Some of the key features of the crocodile pattern are:

  • The scales on a crocodile handbag usually have a pattern which starts a little bigger from the sides and tends to become smaller from the middle.
  • The scales on crocodile leather are not even and have some irregularities in the form of shape and size.
  • There are no cracks on a crocodile handbag when bent.
  1. Heaviness:

  Crocodile leather is heavier than the other animal skins. Also, people are also faking a crocodile handbag by manufacturing from ordinary materials by stamping and embossing the crocodile pattern. Therefore, make sure to check for its heavyweight while buying a crocodile and do not settle for anything less.

  1. The texture:

  The texture of the crocodile is also one of the easy to detect feature for realizing whether or not it’s genuine. Some of the important aspects of a crocodile handbag’s texture are:

  • The crocodile bags are heavy but its feel is a lot softer than what is expected of it.
  • The crocodile is flexible and not hard enough to not bend. However, one thing that should be kept in mind is that the handbag doesn’t show cracking signs while bending it.
  • The other materials that are similar to the crocodile leather are rougher and do not even look classy.
  • The crocodile scales are not pointy. In fact, they’re even and soft when touched to feel the texture.genuine crocodile leather handbag-red-2018
  1. The original tag:

  This one might be tricky but only a little bit of the experience and efficiency can help in checking for the original tag of the crocodile handbag. Tags are easy to be faked but only the genuine buyers and true lovers of the crocodile handbags can differentiate between the original and fake price and manufacturing tag.

  The crocodile handbags are loved by women of all ages. It is comfortable and supremely graceful from the other fabric and material which make it worth the price charged.

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