How to tell if your crocodile shoes are made of genuine crocodile leather

Real Crocodile shoes

  Crocodile shoes are not something new but the fact that it’s been trending in fashion for quite a lot of time makes it appear on one of the topmost useful debates and discussions of the year. People who love to wear crocodile shoes and do not settle for anything less in quality have a precise idea of whether it is genuine or fake. However, for the beginners or the first-time buyers, it gets difficult to differentiate between the two and they eventually end up being fooled by the seller.

  This is why it is import to educate the masses about some extraordinary and authentic features of the crocodile leather to be able to analyze the originality and fakeness of the crocodile shoes. This can only be done by understanding some of the basic properties of crocodile leather that will help you in deciding the quality of the original crocodile shoes, some of which are listed below with brief description alongside each condition.

Fake crocodile shoes

  1. The shine:

  The shine on the crocodile shoes can be faked but then it is also a way of detecting its originality. Just when you pull the shoes out of the box that is exactly when it is possible to know if the shine and the brightness are real or not. Men and women who wear crocodile shoes are totally aware of this shining property and immediately recognize its true worth.

  1. The softness:

  Shoes are meant to be roughly used and should be comfortable to wear all day long, even in the field work. This is why crocodile shoes are preferred by most of the people with a professional job because they’re super comfortable and easy to wear which does cause pain in the foot. Also, crocodile shoes are soft when touched and you can easily feel its gentle texture just by holding it in the hands.

  1. The scales:

The scales on the crocodile leather are uneven and are not naturally same from all the sides. The scales are a bit larger from the sides and smaller from the center. Also, the crocodile shoes have scales that are harder than the fake animal skins. Hence, you’d be able to identify in the first glance that the crocodile shoes are fake or genuine.

  1. Poor quality:

  The quality of the crocodile leather is incomparable. The fine finishing of the crocodile scales and the soft touch cannot be found and felt in any other material or fabric. Often a time, manufacturers make the fake crocodile shoes with by high-quality plastic but the difference is clear and visible which defeats the imitation and therefore, the buyer is able to distinguish the authenticity of the crocodile shoes.

  1. The price:

  The price of the genuine crocodile shoes is higher which start from the range of $70-80 and end up according to the high-quality and fine manufacturing. If you spot someone selling crocodile shoes for less than the mentioned prices then beware of the fraud and do not buy those in the name of original crocodile shoes.

  Being able to realize that if the crocodile shoes are fake or genuine is an art that can only be learned with experience and efficient knowledge.

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