Apple’s New 2018 iPhones

  When it comes to smart-phones, Apple is the world’s second-largest company with 11.2% of market-share internationally. With a higher and enhanced quality, Apple releases new models of iPhones every year. Like every other year, 3 new iPhones are going to be released this year too. Below are some rumors about the specifications, names, prices, and release dates of these three new upcoming Apple phones.

iPhone X Plus and iPhone X2


  According to the rumors, one of the 3 upcoming iPhone is a bigger version of iPhone X, named as iPhone X Plus. As we talk about iPhone X, being the priciest iPhone so far, it has been one of the most sold phones in the first three months of the year 2018. However, its worth fell after only 6 months after its release. Comparing to the iPhone X, iPhone X Plus is cheaper in price with enhanced specifications, of course. Also one of the to-be-released iPhones is an iPhone with a three rear camera. Another rumor for the new iPhone is an iPen than has been predicted for 3 years. About the appearance, there are also confusions if the Touch ID will have a comeback or not. As Apple had removed the button from iPhone X, so the appearance is unpredictable. The colors of the new to-be-released iPhones have been rumored to be silver, rose gold, black, jet black etc.


  A rumor says that after a great success of iPhone X, Apple is going to continue the iPhone X series. The name for the new phones can be iPhone X2, iPhone X Plus, or Apple can even continue using its traditional S series releasing the iPhone XS. Whatever it will be, it is most probably not going to be the iPhone 9.

iPhone X Plus and iPhone X

Release Date:

  Even though the company itself has not announced the release dates for the phones, but as we are talking about rumors, so the most rumors support that the phones will be released in September 2018.  Yet, the release in September is supported by all the rumored sources.


  Using rumors as a source, it is predicted that the new iPhone will be the cheapest, whose cost will range from $550-$650. The reason behind this is the success of iPhone X. Nonetheless, there is an opposite rumor which states that the new phone will be of highest price than before, approximately $1,100. It is too much to believe, so most of the people are supporting the rumor of $550-$650, which makes more sense.

  Announcements of small details by the company are another way of increasing the market value of the phones even before their release. As much detail is still unknown, everyone out here is busy in thinking about what the upcoming iPhone will look like. Hence, this kind of increase in interest of people in the product results in increasing the market value of the new product. As the Apple Company is one of the best companies in the world, it has the best plans for its publicity as well. However, the above-mentioned details have been in the air for quite some time now.

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