Types of Wallets

  Wallets are something that both men and women need for daily use otherwise it will be convenient to carry all the valuables secure and in one place. Wallets that serve multiple purposes are the best ones in which you can carry almost all your stuff from cards to money and cell phone but most people do not like to buy them because of the size and weight. This is why people prefer to buy the regular wallets that are bi-folded and commonly used around. However, the bi-folded wallets do not fulfill every need of a wallet if there are any conditions such as spacious or extra pockets etc.

  For this purpose, numerous other types of wallets are available in the local and international market which you buy according to the personal preferences. Who could have ever thought that even wallets will have variety and people could choose from them according to the basic needs? Below are mentioned types of the wallets with a brief description of its main purpose and customized information.

Bi-Folded Wallet

  1. Bi-Folded:

  As mentioned above, the bi-folded wallets are commonly used by everyone because they are also considered to be basic wallets which serve the main purpose i.e. to carry cash, cards, and coins. When opened, it is a long rectangular shaped wallet and can be folded in two parts. It is ideal for carrying little cash and a couple of cards. Also, a bi-folded wallet contains a small space for keeping the coins but it is not much reliable because the coins do not have anything to hold them and they can easily fall off.

Tri-Folded Wallet

  1. Tri-Folded:

  The tri-folded wallets are very much similar to the bi-folded ones with the only difference being that it is more spacious. It is basically folded in three parts and contains more space for the cards and cash.

Checkbook Wallet

  1. Checkbook Wallet:

  The checkbook is basically a traveler’s wallet because of the features that it has. It is a long-sized wallet with a lot of the extra space in it in which people not only carry cash and cards but also the extra things such as cell phone. Also, the wallet has so much space that tickets and passport can also be easily kept in it without making it look extraordinary.

Money Clip with Pockets Wallet

  1. Money Clip with Pockets:

  The money clip wallet is the latest trend in the wallet collection which is used by people who like to keep minimum things with them in the smallest of space such as a breast pocket. It has a clip that holds together all the cash with a pocket behind it in which the cards can be put.

  1. Others:

  Other than these wallets that are commonly used, there are numerous other types of the wallets as well that are not multi-purpose but people still choose to use them to fulfill their respective needs. Some of the other wallets are:

  • Coin wallets to keep the coins in one place.
  • The mobile wallet that is also known as the mobile holder.
  • Belt wallets for traveling purpose.

  All of the above-mentioned types of the wallets are easily available on the market, both online and storefronts.

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