What is Goodyear Welt Construction

Goodyear Welted Construction

  A long time ago when the focus used to be on quality rather than the quantity and time-consuming methods that were reliable were given priority, everything could be easily trusted for a good-quality product without any doubt. When talking about shoes, it is something that needs to be of fine-quality otherwise it can break apart or tear from the sides after using a couple of times that make it useless. This is why people like to invest more in their shoes instead of clothing because shoes those have chances to deceive in the mid-way are nothing but trash.

  For this purpose, the construction method of the shoes must be properly analyzed and remain the priority when it comes to buying a fine-quality product for a long-term use. The shoemaking is divided into different parts including the outer sole, inner sole, and welt etc. which are then stitched together to form a beautiful and reliable piece of art.

Goodyear welted sole

The Goodyear Welt Construction

  The name Goodyear Welt construction comes from the history when back in 1869 Mr. Charles Goodyear invented the welt machine to construct high-quality shoes that were not only time-consuming but also tiring and prolonged. However, the construction that he used was so perfect that it made it a symbol of trust and reliability and therefore, the construction method was named after him i.e. the Goodyear Welt construction. According to this method, the welt that is a leather ribbon that goes alongside the upper and inner sole is stitched so well together that the shoe neither tears off nor loses its real essence of fine-quality footwear.

Goodyear welted shoes

How is it done?

  The method of Goodyear Welt construction can be described by first understanding what a leather shoe is made of, to be able to have a better idea of the construction method.

  1. The upper sole:

  The upper soul is that part of the shoe which creates the upper part of it which is also the half of it.

  1. The insole:

  The insole is the inside of the shoe, commonly called the sole, that is also the base of the shoe.

  1. The outsole:

  The outsole is the outer part of the shoe that is beneath the insole and completes the shoe’s look.

  1. The welt:

  The welt is a thin leather ribbon that goes with the outsole and insole, mainly serves the purpose of supporting the shoe and is an important part of the shoe Goodyear welt construction.

The method

  The method for which the Goodyear construction is so popular and is still being used after so many years despite being time-consuming and expensive involves the leather welt to be hand or machine stitched with the outer and insole to support the shoe from damaging even after a rough use. The stitching of the leather welt is also very difficult but due to the assurance of the high-quality construction method, it is still widely used and trusted for being one of the most authentic ones among the other conventional method of shoe construction.

  The Goodyear welt construction is also the all-time favorite one of people, especially celebrities, who prefer class and quality over cheap prices and bad quality.

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