Tips for Using Alligator Skin on Your Wallet Projects

  The leather is the best material to work with and use in terms of durability, quality, affordability, and elegant appearance. For this purpose, the alligator skin is becoming more popular with the passing years because of the increased knowledge about the material and its impressive properties. However, the alligator skin is massive in size and so is the scaling and designing on it that is exactly in accordance with its area. For this reason, the leather is absolutely best suitable for being used on large products such as bags, clothes, and furniture etc., whereas the smaller accessories such as the wallets are difficult to be made with excellence and quality.

  This is why not every brand or craftsman tries their hand on the wallet projects which also damages their consumption rate and market reputation. For this purpose, there are certain tips and techniques which should be strictly followed in order to attain the perfect results for using the alligator leather on the wallet projects.

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What is the need of caution for using alligator skin in wallets?

  As mentioned above, the alligator leather is huge in size and therefore, needs to be created into the exquisite pieces of art with extreme caution and supreme care. This is also the main reason for only a few brands and companies taking the risk of making the small-sized wallets that can also get damaged in the slightest of mistake or blunder in its creation. Here are some of the reasons for the damages caused in the alligator skin for wallet-making:

  1. The scales on the skin might get ruined due to the lack of space.
  2. The finishing might get affected because of the less room for adding creativity.
  3. The irregular pattern of the leather that is also the main aspect of its beauty might lose the charm on the wrong crafting of the wallet.

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Tips for creatively using alligator skin on wallet projects

  • The size:

  The size of the alligator skin should be relatively smaller than the ones used for furniture and clothing etc. This can be done by mentioning the distributor the main concern i.e. utilizing the alligator skin for wallet projects. This way, the seller will definitely consider this essential fact and keep a separate lot for the smaller accessories such as the wallet.

  • Cutting of the skin:

  Cutting of the skin is also the main factor in creating the fine quality wallet pieces because of which the quality and the final look gets greatly affected. For this purpose, only high-quality machinery and tools should be used that do not damage the scales, exclusive and the original look of the genuine alligator skin.

  • Grade 2 skins:

  Grade 2 skin is the best type to work with for the making of wallets. In this regard, the Chinese alligators are the suitable ones that are smaller in size in comparison to the American alligators that are approximately 11 ft. tall.

  Using alligator skin on wallet projects should be done by following these tips and techniques that are useful and effective for the creation of the best quality leather wallets.

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