Learning Exotic Leather: American Alligator

  In this session we will talk about American Alligator, characteristics of American Alligator, size of American Alligator, about the specialty of the skin of American Alligator, Makeup of American alligator and the most important thing the quality of leather that we can get from the skin of American alligator.

American Alligator

Basic Intro of an American alligator

  This type of alligators is commonly known as native alligators of America because they are found commonly in Southeast of America. This type of alligator is known as the habitat of fresh water.

American Alligator: The Animal, have a look on the Characteristics and Size of the American Alligator

  American alligators are huge in size and heavy in weight normally. According to the analysis that has done on American alligators it is being said that an American alligator can reach to the length of 20 feet or even sometimes more than 220 feet too. Most common size of this species gone to the length of 8 to 10 feet when it is about to be grown. The most common weight that has been analyzed in this species is round about 1,000 pounds or sometimes it can be more than 1,000 pounds too.

  The alligator can be told separately by its prong location. Most crocodiles can be likely to have their lower-jaw of number 4th tooth located on the exterior side when the mouths of crocodiles are locked, but alligators have a room for it exclusively inside in their mouth. Another revealing symbol of their alteration is with their schnozzles. Alligators have a shape of their noses in rounder shape, it means like U-shaped while crocodiles have the shape of their nose shriller, more pointy noses, it means like V-shaped.

  We have been much able to keep them safe to last their survival in harmless and better environments. Roundabout 200,000 of these alligators from environments like farm-raised have been used for projects of leather, while round about 50,000 alligators are being placid from the wild on annual basis

The skin of American Alligators

American Alligator: The Skin of American Alligator

  The marks on the skin of alligator have a comparatively small bone. The belly of alligator scales is medium to have a large size and it does not have the sac pattern that means a single dotted pattern, that you can discover on the belly scales of some other crocodiles’ class. The skin of alligator has a large edge unit that is present in both directions that are along width and length both and long and thin section of the belly can be equated to other correlated species. The ends of the skin of alligators also incline to be broader as compared to the tails of a crocodile having similar size of any other species.

American Alligator Skin Belt

Uses of the skin of American Alligators

  The leather that we can get from the skin of American alligator can be used for making the following objects:

  • Belts
  • Bags
  • Shoes
  • Garment pieces
  • Small pouches

  Leather that we get from the skin of American leather is so flexible and soft too. So, the things that we will make with it will surely be elegant and comfortable.

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