Leather Shoes Buying Guide

  Buying a class and durable pair of shoes is not as easy as buying clothing items or other accessories. The main reason for it is the size and comfort issues that come up with a bad quality pair of shoes which you buy at a relatively cheap price. This is why it is said and recommended by the experts to never buy shoes without trying it or until and unless you have a precise about its size and exact dimensions. However, most people prefer to buy shoes online as it saves time, energy, and effort and sounds convenient too.

Artisanal Alligator Shoes

  Apart from that, a person who wishes to buy a pair of leather shoes for the first time or who have had a bad past experience with it must be aware of certain facts that guide to buying the perfect pair of leather shoes that are not only classy but long-lasting too. The main reason for this guide is that leather can be easily replaced with any other weak material just by polishing and giving it a fake finishing. Therefore, it is important to remain aware of the below-mentioned points which are helpful in making a worthy purchase of the leather shoes.

  1. Do not fall for the shine:

  The shine that apparently looks real is not-so-real when it comes to buying an authentic pair of leather shoes. Therefore, do not fall for the trap set by the retailers of fake leather shoes in which the shoes are shining like anything but the inside is as bad as the poisonous food that looks good from the outside but once consumed, causes damage.

  1. Have a detailed look at the stitching:

  The stitching of the leather shoes is done with extreme care and caution which also a lot of the time, especially for the handmade ones. Therefore, while buying leather shoes, make sure to have a detailed look at the stitching in which there are no signs of an unprofessional stitching from the inside as well as the outside.

  1. Identify the type of the leather:

  The type of the leather is a great concern while buying the leather shoes. There are numerous types of the leather such as the full grain leather, corrected grain leather, and smooth leather, all of which have different properties which should be kept in mind before investing in a costly pair of shoes.

  1. Try the shoes:

  Trying is the only way through which the buyer can have an idea of the comfort and class that the shoes have. Therefore, it is important to only try them but also walk a bit to understand the concept better.

  1. Look for the authentic label:

  If you’re looking for a genuine pair of leather shoes then make sure to look for the label that states the brand or an authentic confirmation of the handmade product.

Artisanal Alligator Leather Dress Shoes

  Apart from the above-mentioned facts, the other way of analyzing the original leather shoes is that they are expensive and are sold for around $500 and above. Hence, if you spot someone selling leather shoes for a lesser price then do not buy them as they are fraud and made from the poor quality material.

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