Types of leather used to make shoes

Crocodile and alligator leather shoes

  Shoes are something that needs to be comfortable due to the fact they’re often roughly used. Also, when the footwear is not comfortable then it affects the whole body posture which eventually results in body pains and bruises on the foot. This is why people like to invest more in their shoes other than anything else. The footwear that is reliable is most expensive because of the hand-made stitching and high-quality material used in it. The most common and demanded material for the shoes is leather due to the obvious reasons such as durability and class.

  The most popular shoes amongst all are the alligator and crocodile that possess qualities like no other and can be trusted for a long-term and flawless use. However, there are numerous other types of the leathers as well that are used in the shoemaking. These types of leathers can be differentiated according to the material and the origin that it comes from, some of which are mentioned below.

  1. Pigskin:

  The pigskin is a commonly used form of the leather for shoemaking because of the qualities that it possesses which suits the requirements of most of the people. It is highly recommended by the shoemakers who claim the pigskin to be reliable and durable for a prolonged use. Also, the pigskin is easy to dye and can be made into numerous colors which allows it to offer variety in the shoes.

  1. Calfskin:

The calfskin leather is the leather of a calf of around 3-4 months. It is also widely used in the shoemaking because of the high-quality and class that it delivers to the shoe’s appearance. They are most expensive due to its fine-quality which is why bot everyone can afford to buy it. Also, the calfskin is used for making shoes for both men and women in which there are other varieties as well such as color and designs etc.

  1. Kidskin:

The kidskin leather is taken from the goatskin, both young and old. It has almost the same qualities as the calfskin leather but with a difference that it is less expensive than it. Otherwise, the quality, durability, and class of the kidskin is also incredible and loved by the people who like to own elegant footwear.

  1. Cordovan shell:

The cordovan shell is the leather taken from horse skin. Although it looks like a normal full grain leather but is different from the other types. It is also considered to be luxurious in terms of quality and appearance. The cordovan shell is also expensive due to the fact that it prevents crease and does not damage very easily.

Genuine alligator skin

  1. Crocodile/alligator leather:

  The crocodile and alligator leather are the common types of the leather and also the most popular ones because of its durability and fine-quality. Although both the leathers are different from each other, the specifications are almost the same apart from a couple of differences such as crease and permanent damage prevention.

  There are other types of the leathers as well made from the skin of elephant, snake, elephant, and ostrich etc.

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