How to measure your foot for buying shoes online

  Online shopping is for sure a running trend that has become successful than any other conventional business. The popularity that online business has gained has forced the other retailers to enter this line by operating their commercial venture online as well as on the storefronts. That said, people prefer online shopping over anything else due to the fact that it is convenient and can be done at any time and any place.  However, there are certain things such as the footwear which people are hesitant in buying online as it fears them of buying the wrong size.

  This happens because most of the people are unaware of their shoe size as they have a habit of trying the shoes before buying. For this purpose, almost all the online retail stores have a size chart mentioned on their websites that allows the buyer to select the perfect size for their footwear. However, not everyone knows how to accurately measure the foot size before buying shoes online. For this purpose, here we will be discussing the tried and tested method of measuring the perfect foot size to avail the amazing facility of online shopping.

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What does the size guide look like?

  There is a standard size guide for every type of the shoe size which almost all the retailers follow and mention on their websites. Unlike the dresses, the shoe size chart has numerous sections in which they provide the measurement of the foot’s length and width with multiple angles to assure the perfect size measurement. The foot sizes are mentioned in UK and US size with the accurate foot measurements. Also, the sizes are usually measured in inches so that it becomes the same for everyone.

  The size chart that most of the retailers offer to their customers is also customized according to the customer reviews in which they suggest certain measures that should be taken to ensure an ideal online footwear purchase.

BRUCEGAO's Shoes Size Chart

Measuring the foot size

  Measuring the foot size can be done in the easiest way possible which has various steps to be followed. This way, the shoe size cannot only be conveniently measured at home but you will also have the idea of your foot size for the future footwear shopping. Here is a step-by-step guide of how to measure the perfect shoe size at home without using any professional equipment.

  1. Grab the necessary things, such as a paper, a dark colored marker, and a scissor.
  2. Shoes are usually worn with socks so make sure to wear socks before you measure the size.
  3. Place your foot on the paper and put full weight on to make sure that the foot does not move while taking the size.
  4. Take a marker and make an outline of your whole foot without leaving any space.
  5. Take the scissors and cut the foot’s outline from the paper.
  6. Measure the accurate length and the width with the help of an inch tape.

  This method of measuring the foot size has been successfully tried by the online shoppers and is appreciated by the store owners as well.

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