How to Choose the Right Wallet

  The wallet is generally divided into short and long in the style. The long wallet is chic and elegant feeling, but if you plan to put on a small bag to go out the long wallet has become a big problem. And short wallet is smaller, although not long wallet full feminine, but also wins in the neat style.

Women's Leather Wallet

  1. Wallet style: A woman’s purse is generally divided into long and short. General a long paragraph gives people a feeling of elegance and good taste. A short one will give people a capable and heavy feeling. It should not only be limited to which band is good to purse, but also pay attention to the style of simple, generous purse, elegant, practical. That means a good purse must have several advantages.

  2. Function: General long wallet’s function is stronger than the short wallet. The long wallet has more screens and vibration, has different denominations neatly stored separately. It can avoid the disadvantages of too thick short wallet. what is Which brand good for the wallet? In fact, even the famous brand, does not have the basic utility functions are “pendulum” goods. Do not consider too much importance to the brand while ignoring the practical value.

  3. In line with the identity: When you talk about the brand of good ladies purse, you can immediately say Ma Shi, LV. But the choice should pay attention to meet the identity of the wallet. Wallet logo should not be too big and not too small. If the ordinary workers take a special advanced LV new wallet, although very beautiful, but don’t meet identity, it is easy to be mistaken for imitation and may cause your mood.

  4. Color: The wallet in the choice of colors is quite important. Generally speaking, gold, silver, and Brown are lucky. And the purple & red will make you look good taste. Orange, green, bright yellow to green give a lively feeling. Black & white are classic color bring elegant feeling. Now there are a lot of brands and all kinds of wallets, but what color is luckier? Do you think this question? Did you ever use the red purse?

  5. Materials: Wallets often come in leather or fabric, although leather is a much more professional choice compared to fabric. Even leather offers many choices, such as full-grain leather, top-grain leather, and split-grain leather. The choice ultimately depends on one’s personal preferences, budget, and needs.

BRUCEGAO Leather Wallet

Full-Grain Leather

  Full-grain leather is a highly durable type of leather used for wallets. It is more expensive than other options, but it also lasts longer and looks very professional. Do keep in mind that, because this leather does not have a protective coating, it stains easier. Using a leather conditioning cream keeps a wallet made from full-grain leather in good condition.

Top-Grain Leather

  This kind of leather is not as durable as full-grain leather, although it is less expensive. The leather has a protective coating and maintains the look of leather grain. Many leather wallets are made from this type of leather to provide a more cost-effective option for consumers.

Split-Grain Leather

  The next step down from top-grain leather is split-grain leather. This is not as expensive and does not have the natural grain pattern. Rather, the pattern is actually created on the material.

Other Materials Used in Wallets

  In addition to traditional leather, other materials are also in wallets. Some women like wallets made from exotic animal skins, such as alligator skin and snake skin, which can look very expensive and classic. Those made from synthetic materials are also available and provide more affordable options.

  So buy the wallet, not only consider the brand but also think about the function, the style, the color, the material and the money you plan to pay for it. Hope these tips are useful for you when you choosing the wallet.


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