Why Is It Difficult to Get Alligator Skin

  If you are looking to make a living selling exotic leather products like shoes, wallets, and bags made of crocodile or alligator skin, you should know how to obtain the skins you need. For instance, in alligator skins, obtaining it would be downright difficult. Why is it so? That is because alligators are one of the endangered animal species in the world that people ought to protect. As such, though alligator hunting is legal in some places, they put strict rules and punishments regarding hunting and killing alligators.

Alligator Skin-BRUCEGAO

The Alligator and Alligator Skin

  The American alligator or alligator mississippiensis is native to the southeast USA. The skins of alligator used to make alligator exotic leather are both from alligators captured in the wild and those they raised n the farm (still raised bred in the wild). Out of the 23 species of crocodile, the American alligator is one of those that are least bony. As these alligators have the least bones, their skins are softer and their scales are smoother too compared to other crocodile skins.

  As such, alligator skins are among the most prized exotic skins in the leather markets. In that sense, you can figure out that acquiring alligator skin is not only hard but expensive as well. It will be quite hard to obtain alligator skin but if you do you would sure get amazing returns with how expensive a pair of luxury alligator shoes is. If you are trying to break into the alligator leather market, the potential for that is limited and timely so you need to work hard in acquiring quality alligator skins.

Alligator Skin for Bag

Buying Alligator Skins

  Every exotic leather project is different but of course, you want something unique and exciting for your alligator skin project. So then how do you know you are getting the best alligator skin for what you need? The fact that purchasing the right alligator skins can be hard, here is a little guide to help ensure you are not paying for alligator skins more than you should be.

The Right Size for the Alligator Skin

  Before you go on shopping alligator skin for your project, knowing the right size of skin is one of the things you need to know. When buying alligator skins, you need to make sure that the skin you purchase is large enough that it will fit the panels and at the same time cost-effective. On that note, you need to consider buying alligator skin that fits perfectly on the panel without leaving extra skins you cannot use for another panel.

Brown Alligator Skin

Learn Alligator Skin Grade

  Alligator skins are a high demand item. That being the case, you can expect that supplies of this exotic leather will usually be hard to find. Out of all alligator skins, Grade I skins are the one that is particularly hard to find. This alligator skin grade is the most desirable but also the costlier. Learn of all other alligator skin grades and think about which grade matches your need.

  Apart from grade and size, the finish is another aspect to consider when buying alligator skin. Typically, alligator skins are available in glaze and matte finishes, the former has shiny exteriors while the latter has a more natural look. When it comes to sourcing, the general sources would be tanneries, distributors, and manufacturers.

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