Does the Crocodile Wallet Have Peculiar Smell

   Does the crocodile wallet have a peculiar smell? More or less, it does and it depends on the leather processing technology. There is a big difference between heavy coating and light coating. Let’s make an analysis below:

Crocodile Wallet Have a Strong Smell

Where does the peculiar smell of crocodile wallet come from?

   The first one is the smell of the crocodile itself. We all know that the crocodile is a wild animal growing in the fresh water, like a fish with a fishy smell. During the tanning process, part of the smell is removed but some still retained. It’s really unpleasant, but it is a normal smell of the animal skin.

   The second one is the smell of industry. Crocodile wallet is made from crocodile leather, which goes through hundreds of steps, dyeing, polishing, losing, oiling and so on. In the process, it will be inevitably contacted with the industrial raw materials so as to remain strong smells, which even cover the stench of the crocodile itself. I appeal to everyone not to buy the crocodile leather wallet with a strong industrial smell, because the stronger the smell is, the heavier the coating is. This heavy coating one must be bad.

the smell of crocodile wallet

How to remove the smell of crocodile wallet?

1. Ventilation

   After the crocodile leather wallet is made well, in order to keep ash away, it will be directly packaged, leading to the remains of the leather smell. The first to do is to use a wet cloth to wipe the wallet thoroughly after buying it, then put it in a cool ventilated place for two to three days, and the smell will be light.

2. Covering

   If the smell is so strong that you can’t stand it, you can cover the stench of the crocodile wallet with the scent of perfume and essential oils. However, this cannot be sustained and it is best to take out more often, and perfume every other day. After a period of time, it will leave nothing but a faint smell of perfume.

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