The Process of Making Crocodile Bags

   Crocodile skin is the supple and luxurious material which is extremely high in demand within the fashion industry. With high-fashion crocodile bags that are sold for not just tens but hundreds of thousands of cash, getting the production of the crocodile skin correctly is very important for the satisfaction of the rich customers. Having this in mind, you should understand well these things that best explain how crocodile bags are made.

Black Fashion Crocodile Leather Bags for Men

   There are various species of crocodiles all over the world and some of which are typically used for leather. Three of the most famous are the following:

  • The Caiman crocodile
  • The Nile crocodile
  • American alligator

   With handbags, you usually like to have a quite flexible material to be used for the bag. The Caiman crocodile comes with the boniest skin, making it less supple and tougher to work on, whilst the American alligator comes with extremely slight boniness to it, making this the most supple and easiest one to work on. The Nile crocodiles do fall in between two extremes, having calcium deposits, yet not almost as much as the Caiman crocodiles do.

   This boniness is also affect the way every species would take to undergo the dye application process. Hence, you should bear in mind that also. Bonier hides are more difficult to evenly dye, whilst the hides with fewer bones are simple to dye. You would have to make use of extremely big and clean skin panels for every bag.

   Customers that are searching for high-fashion handbags want just high-quality materials, so the top-grade skins would be the most desirable ones. In many cases, you would require an almost flawless grade one skin so as to obtain the best possible results. In the case of small handbags, the crocodile hide must be at least thirty to thirty-four centimeters wide. The medium-sized handbags usually require thirty-five to thirty-nine centimeters wide skins and the big handbags will take from forty to fifty centimeters wide grade one skins.

Brown Fashion Crocodile Leather Bags for Men

    When the flaws on the skin are maintained to the hide’s risky edges, you can make use of the grade 2 skins which is quite oversized. When the panels layout leaves excess hide, you can use the extra skins for making a carry strap, interior details, gussets and some other odd portions of the crocodile bags. This will help you a lot in saving a huge amount of cash on purchasing extra skins and it will also give you those accents which would excellently compliment the handbag they’re attached to.

   When you do not have sufficient excess materials to get this done, you may consider purchasing smaller grade 2 or grade 3 skins for making carry straps. With such straps, it will be easier to work all over the flaws within the hide, as long as they are not extra-wide. If purchasing hides that are specifically for the straps, and ensure that they are similar form of cut and then come from similar dye lot the same with the ones used for bags.

   If working with the bonier hides like the Caiman and Nile crocodile skins, make sure that you prepare the sewing lines with the Dremel or some other tool for thinning the hide and then prevent calcium deposits from breaking or bending the needles. Take some time for preparing sewing lines would save you more time and help avoid frustration in fixing up the sewing machines then replace the needles in every other movement.

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