What is a Handbag

   The term “handbag” refers to any accessory used to carry ladies items. In American English, the terms purse and handbag are used interchangeably.

   Most handbags through the years have been made using hides from animals (leather). However, modern technologies have allowed the replacement of leather with synthetic materials such as polypropylene. Synthetic materials are easy to mold, come in numerous exotic colors, and are cheaper. However, they have short lifespan and lack the same aesthetic appeal as leather bags.

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Which are the Most Elegant Handbags?

   Most women want handbags made of alligator or crocodile skin. They are elegant and desirable, despite their high price tags.

   Nonetheless, the price tag is not the only factor most buyers consider because the bags can last for many years; ending up to be cheaper in the long run. When buying these bags, it is easy to fall for fake leather. Because you spend a lot on the bags, obtaining top quality items is essential. You can find authentic bags at unbeatable prices at BRUCEGAO.

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Essential Features of Handbags

Look at Size

   The most consideration when purchasing handbags is size. In fact, the wrong size may destroy a look. For instance, tiny purses can become unnoticeable; likewise, large handbags for small statured shoppers may overwhelm them. Also, the weight of the bags is an essential feature directly affected by size. Experts recommend carrying a bag that is approximately 10% of your total body weight. Shape and length of the straps are also essential considerations for comfort.


   Choice of material determines the price and how long the bag will last. As previously noted, alligator and crocodile bags top the market in regards to style and price. The material also affects your look, whether casual or formal. Some bags are suitable for daytime activities others for evening parties, depending on the material used.

   The material used also affects how you will clean the bag. Alligator or crocodile bags are cleaned by wiping the dust off the exterior using a cloth. Their interiors usually made of leather, vinyl, fabrics, or suede; require cleaning using a spray disinfectant. They are not machine washable since water ruins the leather.


   The selection of the handbag depends on items in your wardrobe. Consider trying out different colors to create unique outfits. Crocodile leather bags are available in various colors. You have numerous choices on our website to create the best dazzling outfits.

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   Straps determine the comfort and ease of carrying the bag. They come in different length, to match every buyer’s personal preference.

   You can buy our crocodile bags because of their durable straps. They never fail under pressure, unlike other handbags.


   Embellishments accentuate the look of the bag. Alligator bags have distinctive designs some featuring paws, spikes, and clasps coated with silver or gold. The embellishments make them look posh, high-end and exquisite.

Is an Alligator or Crocodile Bag Worth It?

   Saving for a high-end purchase can be very rewarding to the mind and soul. You enjoy the best of the best in the world. At BRUCEGAO, you access authentic bags at very affordable prices.

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