What Are Vibram Soles?

Vibram soles are one of those inventions that have made a great advancement in the shoe industry. Before, there were not such kind of shoes available as the fashion or for work, but after the introduction of Vibram soles, the level of toughness and resistance of any shoe goes too much high.

So, if you don’t know what the Vibram soles actually are, then here we are going to tell you about some of the things about Vibram soles, that will help you out to understand this thing.

Vibram Sole

The Soul Behind Vibram Soles

A person named Vitale Bramani, that was a mountain climber and a guide, was hiking on the Italian Alps with a crew in 1935. In the middle of hiking, they got stuck and almost 6 people of the crew died in that incident. Fortunately, Vitale Bramani survived and after coming back from that incident, the first thing he decided to manufacture such soles that can offer better support in such conditions. He researched a lot and finally, in the year 1954, he introduced these soles with the name Vibram soles. Now, it is a huge company that is manufacturing tons of Vibram soles every year.

Vibram Sole-White

Features of Vibram Soles

Well, the main purpose of manufacturing these soles was to keeping the mountain climbers safe from any kind of misshapen, and hence it does, while, some of the most common and popular features that you will find in the Vibram soles are as follows:

  • Slip Resistant

One of the biggest features that you will find in Vibram soles is slip resistance. As you know that there are tons of soles and materials available in the market, but these soles are only meant to work this way. This is the reason that the manufacturers have introduced the most important features in this sole that is highly important to keep the mountain climbers safe is slip resistance. It is highly resistant to most of the surface that you will not get slipped easily, no matter on what surface you are standing.

  • Long-Lasting

Another most important feature that you will find in Vibram soles is long-lasting. As you know that every person wants a durable product to use, no matter it is a dress, makeup or any shoe. After considering this thing, Vibram sole’s manufacturers have made this product quite long-lasting and durable.

  • Waterproof

Another one of the most important features that you will get in this product is waterproofing. Most of the soles get damaged and they trouble the person when they get in contact with water. They cannot resist the water to come inside the shoes, due to which, that person’s feet and socks get wet, which becomes quite a troublesome situation for them. While this thing does not happen in the case of Vibram soles because they are highly waterproof and highly compatible to deal with any kind of such situation.

Well, the above has described some of the facts and figures about Vibram soles. Consider all of these things and make sure to have the Vibram soles if you are going to purchase shoes for hiking.

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