Top 10 Fashion Accessories Every Stylish Man Should Own in 2023

Choosing the right accessories can help you improve your style, completely changing your looks when dressed up. Men usually pay attention to their dresses but miss the tiny details. Surprisingly, these tiny details are the ones that have a huge impact on your appearance.

So, if you want to enhance your looks and style in 2023, get these top 10 trending men’s fashion accessories. With these accessories discussed below, you just need to carry them perfectly, and you will surely see a huge improvement in your overall appearance.

Top 10 Fashion Accessories Every Stylish Man Should Own in 2023 - Classic Leather Belt

1. Classic Leather Belt

The first one on the list is a classic leather belt. Belts come in different materials, including fabric and even those weaved ones. However, if you want to stay on top of trends, you need a leather one. Leather belts are usually timeless, and the fact that you can swap one belt across multiple buckles makes them even better when you want to customize your style.

What is the best way to wear and carry with your aesthetic?

A belt is a small accessory that can greatly impact your aesthetic. Men usually choose black leather belts, but that’s not the right way. If you are formally wearing clothes, you must contrast and match your belt with the color of the shoes. However, for casual clothing, you can match that with clothes. Choosing the color very carefully is important, especially if you are going with your shirt tucked in.

How to care for and increase its life?

Caring leather belts must avoid moisture, sunlight, and excessive heat; your belt will stay good for a long time. Also, polish it occasionally for shinier and fresher looks.

Top 10 Fashion Accessories Every Stylish Man Should Own in 2023 - Stylish Sunglasses

2. Stylish Sunglasses

Sunglasses not only add style to your appearance, but they are also practical in multiple environments. With specialized polarized lenses, your sunglasses can protect your eyes from harmful sun rays. Nonetheless, you can wear them as your style statement. Selecting stylish sunglasses that stay timeless with trends is key to creating your style.

How to use it?

When buying sunglasses, there are 2 things you need to be careful about. The first is the frame, the key to creating your stylish statement. The second one is the right type of lens. Darker lenses make a good option for an outdoor and bright environment. Similarly, you can get lighter lenses for indoor usage and use in indoor environments.

So, always select the right type depending on the occasion and environment. Their color choice and style depending on your preferences.

How to care for and increase its life?

Only using the specialized lens cleaning cloth that comes with the glasses is important. Additionally, you must store them in their case for protection.

Top 10 Fashion Accessories Every Stylish Man Should Own in 2023 - Leather Phone Case

3. Leather Phone Case

Phones used to be a utility for a long time, but with the modern-day accessories, these are becoming more of a style statement. However, even if you own the latest flagship device, you will be like many others. That’s where the leather phone case comes in. It gives your smartphone a different aesthetic appeal, making yours stand apart.

The key to styling your smartphone case is using a premium leather type. BRUCEGAO brings premium leather phone cases made from 100% original crocodile leather. These have natural and unique patterns, and multiple colors help you style correctly. When styling, you can either match it up with your clothes or pair all your leather accessories, including:

How to care for and increase its life?

The phone is constantly being used and held, which can shorten the life of phone cases made from leather. However, with little care, you can increase your life of yours. Just ensure you are not putting it in the same pocket with keys and sharp objects. Also, refrain from using a phone with dirty hands. You need to make sure you clean and maintain your cases after few days to take care of your phones also.

Top 10 Fashion Accessories Every Stylish Man Should Own in 2023 - Fashionable Baseball Cap

4. Fashionable Baseball Cap

A baseball cap is necessary to stay in casual outfits and still style. These caps come in many options, and you can choose some brand or a team or get any random cap that matches your aesthetic. The best part about these caps is that you can wear them at any time of the day, to any occasion, and they will still look great.

What is the best way to pick the best one?

Not everyone knows how to carry a baseball cap with your aesthetic. The most important thing here is to buy one that matches the colors of your dress. Buying generic colors can also be an option, but choose the right colors to personalize the style.

How to care for and increase its life?

Protect it from getting dirty, and do not wash it even if it gets dirty. Using spot-cleaning techniques with lukewarm water will be the trick. For leather caps, you can also use leather cleaners.

Top 10 Fashion Accessories Every Stylish Man Should Own in 2023 - Smartwatch

5. Smartwatch

Smartwatch also shows everyone that you like to stay in style. Some brands like Apple and Samsung launch newer and more fashionable smartwatches every year or two. The best part about having one is that it perfectly matches your formal and casual dresses. A smartwatch also adds a lot of utility benefits, like notifications and fitness features.

What is the best way to wear and carry with your aesthetic?

Using the right bands is the right way to use a smartwatch as a style statement accessory. For formal dresses, you can choose metallic and leather bands. However, with casual wearing, fabric or silicone bands in the right color will get the job done. That’s how you can use one watch on multiple occasions, and if it does not fit in, just change the watch’s face, and the whole vibe of your smartwatch will change.

How to care for and increase its life?

Protecting the face of the watch from scratch, as you would do for any other watch, is essential. Additionally, you must keep the straps clean because the straps will have a huge impact on the looks of your watch.

Top 10 Fashion Accessories Every Stylish Man Should Own in 2023 - Classic Tie

6. Classic Tie

A classic tie goes a long way when dressed formally. No matter what formal suit you wear, getting a tie of the right color will add much to your overall personality. Moreover, it is a small accessory you can buy in bulk with lots of colors and styles to ensure you wear the right one for every occasion.

Since a classic tie is a small part of your whole attire, it does not look that impactful when worn alone compared to other accessories. The best accessories to make your tie even more prominent include:

  • Tie clips
  • Pocket squares
  • Cufflinks

Pairing the right ones with your formal dress can improve the whole dress.

How to care for and increase its life?

A tie is made of fabric and usually does not require a lot of wear and tear. It is because it simply hangs from the collar, and that’s it. However, if it gets folded incorrectly and the slightest pressure is applied, the classic tie will lose most of its class. So, protect it from folding and try your best to keep it clean.

Top 10 Fashion Accessories Every Stylish Man Should Own in 2023 - Quality Leather Gloves

7. Quality Leather Gloves

Another functional and practical accessory that shows everyone how detail-oriented you are. The main job of leather gloves is to keep your hands safe from the cold. However, the quality leather ones add a touch of premium looks to your style. These look much better than those woolen ones, no matter what type of dress you are wearing them with.

Carrying leather gloves with your aesthetic is the easiest. You just need a few generic colors; if not, even the black ones alone will be fine. Wear them whenever the weather is cold and create your style statement, along with protection from the cold.

How to care for and increase its life?

Quality leather gloves are delicate and soft, so these must not be working during harsh work. Removing them whenever you need to do some intensive handwork would greatly increase their life. Use a leather cleaning and polishing kit if the gloves lose their shine.

Top 10 Fashion Accessories Every Stylish Man Should Own in 2023 - Tailored Loafers

8. Tailored Loafers

Tailored or custom loafers give you a good styling opportunity since these can be made with all the design elements per your needs. You can get your personal:

  • Color
  • Size and perfect fitting
  • Heel design and specifications
  • Front stitching type
  • Everything else on these loafers can be customized as well

Since these are custom tailored for your feet, the comfort level is unlike anything, especially when considering formal wear. However, these work very well with casual attire as well.

What is the best way to wear and carry with your aesthetic?

When wearing loafers, you must wear ankle socks that stay inside the shoe. Wear the loafers this way with slim-fitting formal and casual pants or shorts. If you want to wear them with regular-fitting formal or casual pants, wearing long socks will look much better since the pants will cover the ankle region.

How to care for and increase its life?

Avoid placing your feet in positions that may create creases when wearing these loafers. Additionally, keep them clean, protect them from moisture, and safe in covers, and make sure to deep clean and polish them occasionally.

Top 10 Fashion Accessories Every Stylish Man Should Own in 2023 - Timeless Leather Wallet

9. Timeless Leather Wallet

A wallet is an essential utility for every man, but this utility can turn into a style statement and a fashion accessory when you choose the right one. Leather wallets are practically timeless since they never go out of fashion. So, either buy a generic color or choose multiple options, including premium ones like alligator leather wallets.

What is the best way to use it?

Carrying your wallet depends on its type. If you have a passport-size wallet, it will go in the inner pocket of your coat or jacket. Otherwise, the smaller wallets usually go in the pocket of your pants. Depending on the aesthetics of your wallet, you can also carry it in your hands along with the smartphone.

How to care for and increase its life?

The only thing that will increase the life of wallets by preventing damage to the wallet will be not keeping them in your pants’ back pocket as you sit.

Top 10 Fashion Accessories Every Stylish Man Should Own in 2023 - Trendy Leather Bag

10. Trendy Leather Bag

It does not matter whether you are a student, an employee, a businessman, or anyone else. You will always have a few things to keep, including a laptop, documents, a diary, etc. A premium and stylish way to carry everything along with you is by using a leather bag. These bags are unique and usually add a designed touch to your appearance.

What is the best way to wear and carry with your personality?

You first need to find out the right type of bag according to the things you carry. The options include hand carry, backpack, and over-the-shoulder bag. Next, the finish makes an important consideration. If you want to stand apart from everyone, go with BRUCEGAO’s Alligator leather bag. With unique alligator skin patterns and a shiny finish, this bag will easily enhance your style.

How to care for and increase its life?

Don’t use it in rainy conditions and protect it from sunlight. Make sure to protect the shine of your bag by refraining from scratching. Regularly clean the bag and often use a deep cleaning and polishing kit. A leather conditioner for keeping the leather soft will also help. If you want to store it, opt for a dry, cool place with no direct sunlight.


One of the biggest mistakes men make is that they get the right accessories but don’t know how to carry them. Even if you are doing everything correctly, lacking confidence will remove all the charm from your personality.

So, carefully select the accessories you will add to your overall attire and ensure you never lose confidence while styling with these. Additionally, always be open to experimenting with different accessories and different clothes.