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  A taste of lady handbags, as a luxury fashion. Through the details of the special treatment and brand language to enhance the quality and taste, is currently a significant feature of the female package market.

Ladies Handbag

  The BRUCEGAO brand, by striving for the perfect product details, gives consumers an alternative form of love – snuggling up to each other. BRUCEGAO each version of the division is well aware of the characteristics of each kind of leather, the production of attention to detail while taking into account the holistic, and strive to be refined. They cleverly applied a variety of techniques, different aesthetic style to each subtlety fit in a product, cut in proportion to the perfect gold. Each version of the package version, from the initial design drawings to the details of the finished product to be refined after more than 20 processes can be carved from. In addition to using the best quality leather and detailed design, all the hardware accessories are made of special brand products. After several times of careful polishing, plating, and polishing, the hardware is full of color, with great visual impact, The perfect package to show the overall sense of coordination.

Ladies Handbag-BRUCEGAO

  Coach BIRKE series leather mini RILEY CARRYALL handbag, with smooth leather and fine grain leather hand-made. In detail, the decorative exquisite leather zipper head, the top zipper seal, so that the appearance of a more simple and clean, multifunctional bag for the bag to add practical usability.

  BRUCEGAO’s handbags exclusive introduction of the butterfly type, soft and exquisite, with Swarovski Elements, designed butterfly wings pendant, beautifully bright, portrait interpretation of female elegance and charming.

  There are new ideas every year, seasonal changes. The future, ladies handbags will be more rich and varied, charming fashion.

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