How to Care for Leather Handbags

Leather handbags are probably the most fashionable items in the market. However, like all other things, they get damaged too, so it is really important to take good care of them for them to last long. Unfortunately, however, not many know that. Then they are left wondering why their handbags get damaged every now and then.

How to Care for Leather Handbag

Tips to care for Leather Handbags

Generally, it’s easy to take care of your leather handbags. However, what you need to do. Here are some tips for care for your leather handbags:

Keep it away from rain and water

First and foremost, you are to keep your leather handbag away from direct contact with water. Neither should you allow water to spill or splash on it nor must you expose this handbag during rainfall, both light or heavy. This will ensure a long life-time for your handbag.

Leather never does well with water. Water destroys the leather fabric over time, to the point the leather becomes unusable. You may not see the damage if water falls on it once, twice, or a few times. But if it becomes a norm, your leather will start to disintegrate slowly until it tears up and renders your handbag useless.

Use a leather conditioner regularly

Using a leather conditioner is a very good option to keep your handbag going and healthy. As the name suggests, it will condition your handbag to maintain its original shape and form. Thus, even after years, it will look as if you just bought the handbag. There are specific kinds of conditioners that are compatible with leathers.

You will have to consult your provider on which leather conditioner is appropriate for the type of leather that composes your handbag (Yes! Leather has various types). There are different conditioners specifically designed for leathers like Suede, Semi-Aniline, or Nubuck.

Do not stuff the handbag with too much

While it is common for women to stuff things in their leather handbags, to the point that the leather handbag gets bloated, it is technically not a good practice. Leather has a capacity and it is stretchable to only a certain extent. Beyond that, the leather either loses its shape & form or begins to wear and tear.

You should always do a thorough check-up of your handbag, to remove all the unnecessary things inside of it. If things are necessary but still are too much, you should consider storing the less necessary things in some other handbag or place. This will prevent your handbag from getting stuffed.

Avoid putting hard or sharp objects inside

Objects that are too hard or too sharp should not be put in the leather handbag at all costs. Sharp objects will eventually cut the handbag from inside, terminally damaging it, while hard objects will damage the handbag’s shape and form, to the point it starts looking quite odd.

If you have to put a sharp thing (like a knife) inside as a protective measure, make sure it is one that can be capped or sheathed. This will protect the blade or sharpness from affecting your handbag in any way. As for objects that are too hard, you can put them in a box and put the box in your handbag.

Leather Handbag Maintenance

Keep it away from extreme sunlight

While there is nothing wrong to carry your leather handbag around in normal amounts of sunlight, leather handbags should be protected from the sun if the light is greater than a certain intensity. Though, even in this case, the damage would not be severe and immediate. However, if it goes off for long your leather handbag may start losing its shape and form.

Changing weather usually damages the leather by crumpling it. You should make sure that there is not a lot of variation in the environments you carry your leather handbag in; that will help maintain its shape.

Use appropriate cleaning methods

You should not allow stains to remain on your handbag for too long. Instead, you should remove them as soon as you notice them in your handbag. Moreover, you need to employ appropriate methods to clean your handbag. For example, people tend to wipe their handbags with a cloth soaked in water or vinegar, which is the wrong thing to do.

Instead, you may buy a cleanser designed for leathers (note: not a conditioner), and use it to clean the leather that has stains or dirt on it. This will keep your handbag fresh and new for a long time.

Do not leave it unused for too long

Leather handbags are a lot like human bodies. If you do not use them for long, they lose their shape, their natural strength, their appeal, and eventually, they become rusty. Rusty in a sense that their functionality loses its natural strength and capacity.

For this reason, you need to use your leather handbags every now and then, even if you do not go out much. This is also a reason why people recommend against buying too many leather handbags since you will not be able to use all of them and they will damage eventually.

However, if you are sure there is no way you can use it for long, stuff it with a plastic sheet or bubble wrap so it maintains its composure.

Be wary of the weight limit

It is natural for the handbag to have a weight limit. Do not assume that you can stuff in any object as long as it fits within the handbag. If you put in an object that is too heavy, it may tear the fabric from inside and it will also tear the strap that is used for carrying the handbag. You should carry heavy objects separately instead.

Final Thoughts

We understand that you may feel overwhelmed with so many instructions. Just pick up one of these tips for the starters, and stick to it. Be consistent, eventually, you will incorporate all of them. Then your leather handbags will always stay durable and fresh.