Learning Exotic Leather: Caiman, Characteristics, size and type of leather that we can get from Caiman

Caiman Crocodile

Introduction of Caiman

   This type of alligator is named as caiman crocodile is one of the four most common types of alligators. This type of alligators is known as the most frequently trade in the type of skin found within the species of Caiman. It can be originated in the Central area of America and also in the area that is known as northern parts of South America. Most commonly it belongs to the area of the state of Colombia.

  Caiman type of alligators has the smaller size as compared to the other species of crocodiles. The Caiman type of alligators can reach a length round about the range in between 8 to 9 feet longwise. While it has a typical range of length between the size 4 to 6 feet lengthwise when they are almost grown fully. According to an estimated fact about the number of Caiman are being farmed on the annual basis, it is the range of 600,000 of these crocodiles per year approx.

Characteristics and type of skin that we can get from Caiman alligators

   Caiman alligator contains a type of skin that is much different from other types of skin that we can get from other species of crocodiles. Caiman skin contains a much tall content of bone. In reality, it is so tall even you can see that boneset as rivals on the rulers of the Caiman body that may vary in the size that is from medium size to large size.

  Moreover, the skin of caiman alligator is very much inflexible and difficult to bend. Although most of the other types of crocodiles can be cut almost entirely for the finest skin of their belly. But in the case of caiman alligator we can notice that most commonly its skin is going to be cut from its backbone. This cut can be devoted as the term “horn back”. Because it has the bulging edges that look like minor horns that are going down towards the midpoint.

Caiman Crocodile Shoes

 Quality and usage of leather that we can get from the skin of Caiman alligator

   Leather that we got from the skin of caiman alligator can be used for the following things:

  • Leather that we can get from the skin of the Caiman alligator is most commonly used for making the projects of leather a special kind of shoes that are known as cowboy boots.
  • Caiman leather can be used in structuring handbags.
  • Caiman leather can be used in the making of small accessories.
  • Leather that we get from the skin of caiman alligator can be used to make footwear and belts.

   Due to its brittle skin and scrawny type of caiman skin, caiman skin is very affordable in range than other types of skins of alligators and crocodiles of the same in size. This can make the skin of caiman a best alternate option for the companies that are having the issue of low budgets.

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