Is There A Difference In Quality Between Alligator And Crocodile Leather

  Alligators and crocodiles are not easy to differentiate because for normal humans who are not expert in the animal niche cannot spot the difference between both species. For them, both are reptiles with big teeth and long mouth. However, when it comes to observing closely, the alligator snot is in U shape while snot of crocodile is V-shaped. Moreover, with closed snot, all some teeth of the alligator remains visible while the crocodile teeth get hidden in the mouth.

  Moving on to further details, not only the outer anatomy of alligators and crocodiles is different in fact there inside the body system and even their skins are much different than each other. Leather experts have done much wider research on the skins of these both reptiles belonging to same species and here the differences they found:

Alligator Leather-BRUCEGAO

Price difference:

  1. Leathers extracted from both animals are very expensive, exotic, lush, and luxurious used in high-quality products and used by famous fashionable brands to produce deluxe bags, wallets, belts, shoes, jackets, and other stuff. Nevertheless, the crocodile leather is a little inexpensive than the alligator skin.

Outer Differences:

  As I said in the lines given above that even though the difference is not easy to spot but top fashion brands and fashion followers are worth to spot it easily. Here is the difference in the outer skins of the both: You would have seen the scars or the tooth like patterns on the skins of both reptiles that may seem similar at first glance.

  Nevertheless, by looking closely, we can identify that the pattern of the scar is different such as; in alligators, the shape of these scars is elongated and structured like a web. On the other hand, you cannot support at the shape of crocodile scars because they are more modest and comes in different shapes than the elongated web.

  Another pattern which can be spotted in both alligators and crocodiles is tiling pattern. Here the difference is, the tile pattern in crocodile is uniform with each piece placed on the same length while in alligators the sizes and space difference between the tiles is different.

Crocodile Leather-BRUCEGAO

Desire in the Fashion Industry:

  As both alligators and crocodiles have so many difference in the outer skin hence their demand in the fashion industry is also different. The alligator skin is used by the more expensive and luxurious brands hence it is expensive and used to make more fine products.

  On the other hand, the skin of a crocodile is although used by the expensive and luxurious brands of the society for the making of their fashionable products still, due to lack of demand these are considered as the less expensive and a little less classy when it comes to the competition between both.


  From the above discussion, we can easily provide a conclusion that yes, there is the difference in alligator and crocodile leathers not only on the basis of the outer patterns of the skin but also when it comes to the price but when it comes to quality and durability, there is not the difference between the both.

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