How to Take Care of Your Ostrich Skin Bags

Ostrich skin products are quite famous, trendy, and expensive. Products with ostrich skin are surely expensive because their skin is a unique combination of quills or hollow bumps. These tiny bumps make its’ appearance unique and exclusive which is why it is so much in demand. Ostrich skin bags are a premium product that requires premium care for long usable life. Without proper care and cleaning your ostrich skin bag will lose its gloss and the leather will dry out quickly which is something you can’t afford. Add to this, one other distinctive feature of ostrich skin bags is that their appearance and outlook become better when they age so they surely are a keeper. Good care will not only help you to maintain the look of your ostrich skin bag but will also help you to prolong its life. Here are some tips and tricks to help you maintain the look of your ostrich skin bag while prolonging its’ life.

How to Take Care of Your Ostrich Skin Bags

1. Protect your ostrich skin bag from the sunlight

Sunlight and heat are the worst enemies of any leather. If you place your ostrich skin bag directly in the sunlight, then the texture of your ostrich skin bag will get crisp, and you will notice the cracks in it. So, the number one tip to take care of your Ostrich skin bags is to keep them away from sunlight. The temperature has to be moderate wherever you place your original ostrich skin bags.

2. Never scratch the surface of the ostrich skin bag

While cleaning the bag, you shouldn’t scratch the bag’s surface. You have to be very gentle while cleaning your Ostrich skin bags because if you apply too much force while cleaning the surface, it might cause damage. The damage you won’t be able to repair later.

3. Keep your ostrich skin bag away from moisture

Moisture is surely not friendly for your ostrich skin bag. Make sure to keep your bag away from water and other liquids that can spill over and wet the bag. If some unfortunate event occurs and you accidentally spill liquid over the bag then your priority should be to dab the bag with a clean dry cloth as much as you can to absorb the liquid and moisture from the surface of the bag. Always ensure that while absorbing the water you don’t smudge it, rather just press on the spillage area and smartly dry it.

tips and tricks to help you maintain the look of your ostrich skin bags

4. Never over-stuff it

Ostrich bags are quite flexible but it doesn’t mean that you keep stuffing them. They are surely destructible if stuffed more than a certain limit. Overstuffing can stretch the seams and stitch and tear the leather of your bag. This is why it is advised to keep the belongings in a bag that it can easily hold. If your routine is such that you need a larger space in the bag then buy a larger one instead of stuffing your small or medium-sized bag with more than it can handle.

5. Keep sharp objects away from your ostrich skin bag

Sharp objects like knives, blades, coins, or even keys can scratch and damage the surface layer of your ostrich skin bag. Always try to keep sharp objects away from your ostrich skin bag.

6. Apply leather conditioner

To maintain your ostrich skin bag’s beauty, texture, and exotic appearance, you can apply a little leather conditioner on the ostrich skin bag’s surface. Your ostrich skin bag won’t lose its attractiveness if you do follow this tip.

7. Clean it with a damp cloth

If you wish to clean your ostrich skin bags before placing them back in the wardrobe, you can only use a damp cloth for this job. Never apply any acidic cleaner on the bag’s surface, as it will cause damage to its texture. Therefore, you have to be careful while you are cleaning the bag. Use a soft, damp cloth to clean the surface of the bag.

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8. Use a soft tiny bristle brush

If you take your ostrich skin bags out a lot, you might notice that the dust and dirt start settling inside the texture of the bags. With the help of a damp cloth, you might be unable to clean the bag. Well, you can use a soft tiny bristle brush to get rid of that settled dust.

With the help of a soft bristle brush, all the dirt, dust, and debris will come out of the texture. You should take out the dust from the texture if you don’t want it to settle there for a lifetime.

9. Use talcum powder for oil

If you accidentally spill oil on your ostrich skin bags, you must sprinkle talcum powder on them. If you don’t do this, the stain will stay on your bag’s texture forever. Nothing would work later if you don’t sprinkle the talcum powder immediately.

After sprinkling talcum powder, you need to leave it on the stand. The talcum powder will absorb the oil, and then you can dust the talcum powder from the bag.

10. Get it cleaned professionally

If you feel like your ostrich skin bag is losing its shine and its surface area is becoming dry or brittle, and you can’t seem to take care of it on your own, then asking for professional help is the most suitable option. Getting your bag professionally cleaned once in a while will help you maintain your bag. They surely have more knowledge than a layman. Professionals know the tricks and techniques to clean the bag, and harmlessly apply cleansers and conditioners. Getting professional help will surely cost you but it will help you prolong the life of your expensive and precious ostrich skin bag.

How to Take Care of Your Ostrich Skin Bags-Ostrich Skin Bag

11. Storage Tip

When not in use, make sure to store your ostrich skin bag in a dark and cool place. Never just leave the bag unattended if not used especially in direct exposure to sunlight or moisture. It is better to wrap the bag carefully in a dust bag or keep it inside a tidy box and place it inside your closet.

Final Words:

Now you know how to take care of your ostrich skin bags so they will last long. Just follow the tips that we have mentioned above and follow the ways to clean your ostrich skin bags once in a while. Just don’t be hard while cleaning your bags because it will cause damage to the texture of the bag.