How to Take Care of Your Leather Briefcases

Leather products are always pricey and premium due to their scarcity and uniqueness. Fashion enthusiasts love to buy leather accessories no matter how pricey they get because of their uniqueness, authenticity, and natural appeal. Leather products have been in fashion for decades and it is here to stay. Among the wide variety of leather accessories, people love to buy leather briefcases. These briefcases give an elite and premium appeal along with unmatched quality to customers. Leather briefcases look stunning, classy, and elegant. They are loved by the business elites because of their distinctive appeal and quality. Due to scarce resources for leather production, its’ briefcases are not made in bulk rather it is a premium product.

Though leather is a durable product, still it needs special care and treatment to prolong its useful life along with its natural appeal. You can use leather briefcases on daily basis and still carry them for years if you take the necessary care. Proper care can help you prolong its life.

These tips and tricks can guide you on how to love and look after your stylish leather briefcases. Following these, you can keep your briefcase in perfect condition and enjoy its top-notch quality for years to come.

Leather Briefcases-Avoid overstuffing

1. Avoid overstuffing

Never make the mistake of overstuffing your leather briefcase with your belongings. Remember it is inherently a skin that can stretch if loaded beyond its capacity. If you overload your belongings in the briefcase above what it can comfortably carry then it can damage the original shape of your leather briefcase. It can de-shape your briefcase on a permanent basis so always refrain from overfilling. You can always buy a bigger briefcase rather than damaging the one you already have.

2. Keep it away from liquids

Leather is not waterproof material so make sure that you don’t bring liquids in contact with the leather. If any unfortunate accident happens (like a water spill) then you don’t have to worry at all. Rather hurry up and clean the water as soon as possible with a paper towel or a dry soft piece of cloth. Always remember to blot off the liquid rather than rubbing and spreading it all over the body of the briefcase. In case of rain, make sure that you blot away the exterior of a briefcase and empty the contents of the briefcase to fill it with newspapers to dry the interior. After cleaning the briefcase (in both cases), put it for drying. Don’t ever put it in sunlight or try to dry it with a hairdryer. Let it dry in its course of time naturally by keeping it indoors. If you still want to speed up drying then you can keep it under a fan.

How to Take Care of Your Leather Briefcases-Leather Briefcases

3. Be vigilant while placing your briefcase

You have to be conscious while placing your leather briefcase on any surface, be it ground, table, etc. Make sure that there is no such item that can damage your briefcases like food, liquid, or debris. To get rid of any dust particles or dirt that may have settled on the exterior of a briefcase, make it routine to clean it with a dry and soft cloth once a week. You should also clean it with a damp cloth once a month from both the interior and exterior and put it for drying.

4. Keep it safe from scratches

Sharp objects can cause scratches on the exterior of your leather briefcase and affect its surface layer. Always make sure that your briefcase does not get in contact with any sharp object including keys, coins,  jewelry, knife, or any other sharp object.

These tips and tricks can guide you on how to love and look after your stylish leather briefcase

5. Proper Storage

Store your leather bags away from sun rays as they can fade away the briefcase and damage its exterior look. You can store them in your closet indoors when you are not using the briefcase. The best way to store is to wrap the bag in a dust bag to keep it safe from scratches. Some people put the briefcase in plastic bags which offers no good to the leather products as it blocks the ventilation leather requires to breathe. You should also fill the briefcase with newspapers to keep its shape intact. The storage place should have room temperature. If you store a leather briefcase in an environment with extremely high temperature such as near radiators, etc., then it can cause dryness and cracks in the leather exterior skin.

6. Care for the interior

Taking good care of the interior of the briefcase is as important as taking care of the exterior. Many people focus their energy on maintaining the look of the exterior surface while ignoring the interior of briefcases. This sort of mistake will damage your briefcase from the inside. To prevent this you have to take care of the interior of the bag. You can do this by cleaning the interior with a soft damp cloth at least once a month. You should stuff the interior of the bags with newspaper to keep their shape intact.

Leather Briefcases-Leather

7. Proper conditioning

To conserve the natural appeal of the leather briefcase you should apply conditioner on it twice a year. While buying a conditioner make sure that it is specifically designed for leather products. Always follow the instructions mentioned on the conditioner label before applying it on the leather surface because different conditioners require different methods and techniques while application. If you use the briefcase on regular basis and in extreme conditions then you should apply conditioner 3 to 4 times a year. Conditioning is also required if your briefcase gets wet. In this case, you should apply conditioner before your briefcase for drying.

8. Travel care

If you have to travel with your leather briefcase then you have to ensure to take care of it while in transit. You should cover the briefcase in a soft cotton cloth or wrap it in a protective layer to prevent it from any sort of scratches and harsh contact with the surface of a briefcase.