How to Clean and Care for Your Leather Wallets

Leather wallets are purely elegant, classy, and stylish. Genuine leather products are trendy and so in a fashion that everybody dreams of owning one. Leather wallets are simply graceful and add a classy appeal to your overall look. The leather wallet is a perfect gift item for a guy. It is more than a mere accessory. Fashion lovers know the real worth of such premium and attractive wallets. Besides being durable and classy the great thing about leather wallets is that they are premium and unique which means that you won’t have the exact wallet in the hand of every other guy. If you crave unique products that become a part of your individuality then a leather wallet is a must-have accessory.

Owning a leather wallet also brings the responsibility of cleaning it and taking proper care to ensure that you’ll keep enjoying your wallet. Lack of proper care may damage the leather wallet which you will never want. Follow these simple yet essential tips and tricks to protect your leather wallet and prolong its useful life.

Leather Wallets-Capacity

Avoid overstuffing

Leather products are delicate and deserve a gentle treatment. Stuffing your leather wallet with unnecessary items like excessive business cards, a bunch of coins paid receipts and slips can make the wallet unwantedly heavy. Stuffing the wallet beyond the capacity or its’ comfortable holding space can distort the shape of the wallet. This is why it is always good to declutter your wallet once in a while to throw away unnecessary coupons and old receipts. Discard the unwanted stuff and let your wallet breathe.

Never put your wallet in your back pocket

Many people have the habit of keeping their wallets in the back pockets of their pants. When you sit with your wallet in your back pocket then you put your weight directly on the wallet which can distort the shape and appearance of your leather wallet. So, refrain from keeping the leather wallet in the back pocket and put it in the front pocket. If somehow the wallet doesn’t fit in the front pocket or makes you uncomfortable then you can always keep it in your hand. There is no harm in carrying the graceful wallet in your hand rather than risking damaging it in your back pocket.

How to Clean and Care for Your Leather Wallets

Keep it away from liquids

Remember leather wallets are not waterproof. Even if the leather comes from the skin of reptiles living in the water, still water or any other liquid can cause damage to your wallet. If somehow you accidentally spill some liquid on your wallet or get caught up in rain then immediately blot away the liquid with either a soft dry cloth or a soft paper towel. Clean and absorb the liquid thoroughly or else it can cause the growth of mold making it difficult to clean. After cleaning the wallet keep it dry. As for drying, never leave your wallet open as it will affect the shape of the wallet. Rather keep it close in its natural shape and form and let it dry properly. Never try to speed up drying through a hair dryer as it can cause cracks and dryness in your wallet ruining its natural appeal. You can keep the leather wallet under a fan to dry it quickly after thoroughly absorbing the moisture.

Elegant, Classy and Stylish Leather Wallets

Avoid direct sunlight

Avoid taking your wallet in direct sunlight. Of course, you might want to get some money from your wallet when you are outdoors, but you can always keep it back in your pocket rather than keeping it out unnecessarily in sunlight. Excessive exposure to direct sunlight can fade your wallet.

Avoid exposure to sharp objects

Many people have this habit of keeping their wallets in the same pocket they keep their keys in. This habit can cause irreversible damage to your leather wallet. Sharp objects can scratch the surface layer of the leather wallet and distort its appearance. Make sure that you don’t put your wallet with any sharp object in your pocket.

Dust bag for leather wallets

Proper storage

You might wanna store your wallet when not in use. It is not a good idea to keep it in a drawer without wrapping it properly. You can wrap your wallet in a dust bag to ensure that it won’t get dusty or scratched by other stored items in the drawer. Never store your wallet in a plastic bag as it can trap moisture which results in mold growth over the wallet.

Adequate cleaning

Premium leather wallets need regular cleaning. It helps to ensure that dust or dirt won’t get settled on the surface of the leather wallet. You should also clean the wallet with a soft damp cloth once in a week. For thorough cleaning it is good to buy a leather exclusive cleaner. You can buy a cleaner specifically designed to clean leather products. It is good to do a patch test on a little portion on the internal side of your wallet and afterward apply it on the entire wallet. Specialized cleaners help to prevent your wallet from discoloration and fading. You can follow the instructions mentioned on the cleaner bottle or else apply the cleaner with a soft damp piece of cloth and rub it lightly in circular motion. You can also use a soft toothbrush to rub on tough stains. After cleaning make sure to clean the excess or leftover cleaner with a dry cloth.

Leather conditioner, brush and soft cloth

Apply leather conditioner

You should also buy a leather conditioner that is specifically designed for leather products from an authentic store. Apply leather conditioner once in a while to protect the wallet and make it shine like new. Always put on some conditioner after cleaning it as it helps to replace the moisture leather surface lost while cleaning. After applying the conditioner let it settle for a few minutes and then wipe off any excess conditioner. Leather conditioners not only protect the surface area but also add glow to keep alive the natural appeal of leather.