How to maintain crocodile leather wallet

  The crocodile wallet is famous for luxury. Although the high-grade crocodile leather is of high value, with the improvement of living standards, crocodile leather also gradually plays a role in the public life. The two products used more in daily life is the crocodile leather wallet and belt but they stain inevitably. Many users have no idea to maintain the crocodile leather products, here we systematically conclude the maintenance method on crocodile leather wallet, and maintaining tools required.

The crocodile wallet is famous for luxury

Treatment of damage and stains:
1, new wallet maintenance
Before using the new wallet, you can place a layer of wax on the surface to help prevent dust. The edge of the leather bag is the easiest to damage, so the nail polish is painted to prevent scratching and deformation of the leather bag
A maintained crocodile leather wallet
2, The wallet is easy to stain or its color fades when it is under the impact of strong sunlight or contact sweat; therefore, you should flick it often and the expensive wallet needs to be oiled and waxed. You should avoid using shoe polish, which could damage the leather wallet. If the leather cracks, you can use a cloth soaked with a little special grease to wipe it gently.
3, When the black spot of the wallet falls off, you should wipe off the oily surface first, then mix the strong glue of the carpentry, spread it evenly on the place, polish the wax to recover the new, and avoid water and moisture.
4, If it is damp caused by rain or moldy, you could use a soft dry cloth to wipe the stains, and spray the leather care. As for maintenance of metal accessories, it should be wiped with a dry cloth after the leather care. If there is a micro oxidation, you can try wipe it with the flour or toothpaste gently. If the wallet stains with the drink, you should blot the stains immediately with a clean cloth or a sponge, wipe it with wet cloth and dry it naturally rather than using hair dryers; if it stains with grease, you can use dry cloth to wipe it clean and let the rest go naturally, or use the detergent, besides, you can use the talcum powder and chalk ease to remove the stains, but avoid water. It is fine to buff up the painted leather with a soft cloth.
5, wrinkle treatment method: you can use the iron and the temperature can be controlled between 60 – 70 degrees. When it is ironing, you can use thin cotton cloth for lining hot cloth, and constantly move the iron
6, the method to increase the luster: you can use the leather polishing agent but never use shoe polish to wipe it. Generally speaking, polish for one or two years a time can keep the leather soft and gloss and can extend service life

crocodile leather wallet-long

Routine maintenance method:
1, When it rains, the wallet gets wet, you can wipe it and put it in ventilated place in case of mildew.
2, If you do not use it for a long time, you can put some paper in the wallet in case of deformation.
3, It should not be placed in strong acid, in order to prevent corrosion
4, It should be away from the strong light to prevent oil parch, fibrous shrinkage, leather hardening, and embrittlement.
5, When the leather wallet is not in use, you’d better preserve it in the cotton bag, not in a plastic bag, where the air is not circulated and the leather will be dry and damaged. The best package is stuffed with some soft toilet paper to keep the shape of the wallet. If there is no suitable bag, the old pillow is very practical.
6, Leather should be commonly maintained with the leather care, but you’d better know the cortex of the crocodile leather in advance, and then test it with the leather care at the bottom of the wallet or the interior place and so on.

   Do not use the same bag every day, instead, use it for a period of time and let it rest for two days, with nothing in it. The idle wallet should be stuffed with paper to prevent the deformation of the wallet and make it durable

crocodile leather wallet-brown-long

Crocodile leather wallet maintaining tools:
1, clean soft dry cloth
2, special cleaning agent
3, leather polish
4, professional leather care

   These tools may depend on circumstances. In fact, although the crocodile leather wallet is expensive, it is not deliberately cared, and will be more and more lustered as long as not to contact the water, oil, acid, and alkali in the use. High-quality crocodile leather scratches inevitably, so if you want to do more professional care of the wallet, you should go to leather care shop. If you do it by yourself, just pay more attention to the above points in the process of using and your crocodile leather wallet will be durable.

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