Best Leather Jackets for Men over $1000

Best Leather Jackets for Men over $1,000

When you are shopping for a leather jacket and go beyond the limit of $1000, you step into the ultra-luxury domain. This is the price bracket where you don’t need to buy any common material or style. Such a price range lets you buy exotic leather jackets that are premium and exclusive.

So, if you are looking for a good jacket in this budget, you will find out top picks here.

5 Best Leather Jackets for Men over $1000

1. Alligator Leather Motorcycle Biker Jacket ($8,200)

Casual Alligator Leather Motorcycle Biker Jacket for Men

The first one on our list is this alligator leather casual motorcycle jacket. This jacket comes with a slim-fit structure and offers protection to the whole body with the durability of real alligator leather. Being a casual jacket, it can be worn at casual events and personal travel.

· A perfect blend of stylish and functional embellishments

Since it is a casual jacket, you will notice a lot of embellishments on it. These mostly include leather straps and flaps. These leather parts are accompanied by premium zippers and buttons. Most of these zippers and buttons are functional while some add to the style.

· Attractive alligator leather patterns all over the jacket

This premium alligator leather jacket is not made like other jackets that use cowhide material for making the back side and sleeves. Instead, every part of the jacket is made with the same premium leather having natural alligator patterns. The flaps and straps are also made with the same material.

· Comfort at its best

Stay in style while maintaining your flexibility with these alligator leather motorcycle biker jackets. These jackets are designed to be flexible, unlike other jackets which keep your movement restricted. So, with proper coverage on your body with these jackets, you will never have to worry about comfort or flexibility as these are the main features that these jackets come along with.

· Keeps you warm and dry

One of the best things about the alligator leather biker jackets is that it is made to resist weather situations. These jackets are designed to keep you warm by keeping the cold air outside. At the same time, the alligator leather surface ensures to keep the rainwater out when you are wearing this jacket.

2. Stylish Suede Crocodile Leather Bomber Jackets ($9,000)

Stylish Suede Crocodile Leather Bomber Jackets - Tan

Crocodile leather is a material that is usually used for making shiny products with a gloss finish. This suede crocodile leather jacket breaks the stereotype and comes with a very unique and stylish finish. It is available in Tan, Blue, and Brown color options to meet everyone’s aesthetic.

· Suede crocodile leather patterns without any embellishments

One of the best qualities of this jacket is its minimal appearance. It lets the suede finish get all the attention since there are no embellishments on the jacket. The only thing that you will notice on this jacket is the zipper for each of its pockets and that is also concealed within the crocodile leather patterns.

· Elastic ends for a casual aesthetic and prevent airflow

Since it is a bomber jacket, it comes with elastic ends to maintain that bomber jacket structure. These elastic ends are dyed in the same color as the crocodile leather to keep the jacket looking decent and it prevents airflow inside the jacket during cold motorcycle rides.

· Versatility

These crocodile leather bomber jackets are highly versatile and can be used on any occasion. Even more, these can be paired with any of your outfits and will let you create a perfect style statement in an effective way.

3. Ostrich Jacket Ostrich Leather Blazer Suit Coat ($6,000)

Ostrich Jacket Ostrich Leather Blazer Suit Coat-Blue

Some individuals like blazer-style jackets more than those with a zipper on the front. Well, this leather blazer suit coat is a perfect match for their requirements. It presents ostrich leather patterns in a unique way to make the overall product look even more attractive.

· A perfect aesthetic to be worn on any occasion

This blazer suit coat made from ostrich leather offers a perfect balance between casual and formal aesthetics. It works well with semi-formal attire, and you can style it casually depending on the occasion that you are attending.

· Two color options to choose from

When you get this ostrich leather jacket you can choose from 2 different color options. One is the classic black and one is blue in a light tone. These two color options allow you to pick one that goes well with your dressing style.

· It is very stylish and classy

This ostrich leather jacket is very trending and does not go old.  Hence, to create a fun, exciting yet decent look you can always rely on your ostrich skin jacket.  Therefore, do not wait and grab your jacket made of pure ostrich skin as soon as possible.

4. Alligator Jacket with Removable Mink Collar ($9,500)

Alligator Jacket With Removable Mink Collar

Mink and alligator leather jackets are the two things that are often considered premium accessories and this jacket is the combination of these two. This jacket perfectly displays the beauty of both materials while keeping you warm and stylish. So, if you are looking for something that is perfectly premium then it might be the best one for you.

· Glossy and sleek finish for a premium look

This alligator leather jacket is a perfect representation of classic alligator beauty. It is finished with a glossy polish and comes in black and brown color options. Hence, it becomes a perfect companion for most days to your work or for casual wear.

· Removable mink collar to make the jacket less casual

Some people feel that their jackets will look more casual with the mink collar. Luckily, this jacket gives you the freedom to switch to the style you want. For example, if you want to go towards a more classic and minimalist look then remove the collar of this jacket. There will be an alligator leather collar under it which will make it look more formal.

· Zipper closure to keep the heat inside

This Alligator Jacket with Mink Collar features a smooth zipper closure. The zipper closure isn’t only perfect for easily putting your jacket on and off. In fact, this can also work amazingly to hold the heat inside and keep your chest perfectly warm. Moreover, the zipper has also been designed to give an ideal fit to any body shape.

5. Snakeskin Jackets Python Skin Coats ($4,500-$5,000)

Snakeskin Jackets Python Skin Coats for Men-Golden

The last one here is a snakeskin jacket for men that is completely made from 100% genuine snakeskin. This jacket does not hold you back in terms of options since it comes in black, brown, and golden color options. Hence, it allows you to meet your aesthetic no matter what.

· Snakeskin patterns all around to make you unique

A perfect opportunity to style uniquely with this jacket since it comes with snakeskin patterns all over the jacket. From the back to sleeves and front, this jacket is entirely made from genuine snakeskin parts and there are no other leather types used in it.

· Fashionable and stunning jacket to enhance your appearance

This snakeskin jacket is not only stylish but also manufactured using special techniques to ensure that it will give you a perfect fit every time you wear it. Therefore, it will be your first choice for all types of formal or informal events. You can wear it with jeans to maintain a bad boy look. However, if you are planning to look classy for a special event you can wear a jacket with a white undershirt and pants. You will notice every time you wear the snakeskin jacket it gives you a unique and stunning appearance.


While you can buy a men’s jacket at an extremely cheap price, that jacket may not offer the best experience in terms of style and material. If you are looking for these qualities and need a jacket that can be worn at formal events or casual meetings to showcase your class, then you must take your budget over $1000.

It is because when you are spending a high amount, you not only get the chance to buy exotic leather products, but those products come with the latest and stylish designs as well.