Best Summer Leather Shoes for 50-Year-Old Man

Best Summer Leather Shoes for 50-Year-Old Man

Being 50 is one of the most beautiful phases in the life of a man. It is the sweet spot of being young and old. That enables men of this age group to try fashion and style from both worlds. No matter what phase of his life, a man must always go for the most premium and genuine leather shoes that speak for his classy and timeless style.

When buying summer leather shoes, one must focus on breathable materials and comfortable designs. Such qualities will ensure that the shoe can be worn for extended periods without any issues. Here we will be exploring the best leather shoes that come under this category for men in their 50s.

Best Leather Shoes for a 50-Year-Old Man during Summer

Here are the 5 best options you may check out if you are looking for summer leather shoes for men over 50.

1. Lizard Skin Tassel Loafer Slip-On Shoes ($750)

Lizard Skin Tassel Loafer Slip-On Shoes for Men

Let us begin with a unique shoe type. It is made purely from genuine lizard skin on the outside and comes with premium cowhide inner lining material from Italy. In terms of its visual appeal, this shoe will always keep you in the spotlight for any event.

Exclusive design with genuine lizard skin patterns

The first quality you get in this shoe is the exclusive design. It is made with exotic lizard skin and comes with natural patterns. Those patterns only appear naturally and cannot be replicated with the same texture, so every shoe is exclusive.

A perfect blend of timeless style with comfort and durability

These shoes are timeless in their style thanks to their unique design and unique color. You will get exquisite style when you pair these shoes with the right outfit. On top of that, you get high durability from wear-resistant premium outsole and expert craftsmanship.

2. Formal Ostrich Derby Shoes ($600)

Formal Ostrich Derby Shoes for Men-Black

Next up on the list is another unique shoe type. This time we will focus on more of a formal shoe structure paired with beautiful original ostrich skin. These shoes are made in a derby-shoe structure and can be worn to work, formal events, meetings, and when traveling.

One of the most unique shoes to add to your collection

All men have different likes when it comes to choosing a shoe. These ostrich derby shoes are perfect for every man. It is because of the original pattern from ostrich leather. Having one of these is a must for every man’s collection.

Lace-up structure for timeless class and perfect fit

Formal shoes come in different styles. These are made with a traditional lace-up structure. That not only makes these shoes timeless in their style, but you also get the perfect fit on your feet. Hence, you enjoy both style and comfort with these shoes.

3. Casual Alligator Sneakers Lace-up Shoes ($685)

Men's Casual Alligator Sneakers Lace-up Shoes

If we move a little towards casual shoes for men over 50, these alligator sneakers will be the best option. It is because they checkmark every quality that men from this age group look for in their shoes.

A unique and class sneaker design like never before

Sneakers are made with a focus on casual style, and they do not look very premium. That is not the case with these sneakers. These are unique in their style. These sneakers have a casual structure with a premium feel from glossy alligator leather.

Perfect choice for everyone and every occasion

This is the type of shoe that will meet every man’s styling requirements. It is not only about the structure and feel but these sneakers come in multiple color options, so everyone gets the color they want. The color options in this alligator leather sneaker shoe include:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Burgandy

4. Alligator Leather Lace-Up Chukka Boots ($1,350)

Men's Alligator Leather Lace Up Chukka Boots-Burgundy

Chukka boots have their premium class due to their unique structure and ankle-high design. These alligator leather chukka boots combine that structure with the premium and shiny appeal of genuine alligator leather. It makes these shoes perfect for all casual and formal activities.

The epitome of premium craftsmanship and artisanship

The alligator leather chukka boots are handcrafted, and each pair speaks for the expertise of the craftsmen. Moreover, the alligator leather patterns are treated with great artisanship and every section has a unique patina look to it. These qualities make this shoe one of the most premium options for a man.

Stylish look for every event how you want it

Chukka boots have a timeless appeal, and they are never out of fashion. You can style them with formal, casual, and semi-formal attire. So, you just need to be creative with how you style these, and these shoes will make you look a class apart.

5. Crocodile Leather Shoes ($690)

Brown Genuine Crocodile Skin Shoes

The last one here is a pair of crocodile leather shoes made in a simple structure. These shoes can also be a perfect option for every type of event since they provide a highly comfortable wearing experience. Moreover, these are available in black and brown classic color options.

Timeless design with different parts of crocodile leather

Unlike other exotic leather shoes, these shoes are designed uniquely. They have all parts of the shoe made from different parts of genuine crocodile leather. That adds depth to the design with texture and patterns from the original leather.

Every piece is exclusive to its owner with no two same ones ever made

With the patterns coming from different parts of crocodile leather, these shoes can never be replicated with faux leather with the same depth and texture. So, these are premium and exclusive for the owner.


When a man hits 50 years of age, it becomes much more important to focus on comfort along with style. That is why it is essential to get genuine leather shoes because they keep your feet comfortable. Another reason why the exotic leather shoes we shared here are good for usage in summer is their breathability.

When focusing on comfort, you must never ignore styling options, and that will never happen when you consider the options we shared in this post.

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