What Is The Difference Between Handbags and Tote Bags

It is very important to carry bags to keep your accessories safe and also get everything that you might need on the way. However, there is a difference between the bags used by men and women. For women, it is very convenient to carry a handbag which is also called a shoulder bag sometimes. They also like to carry tote bags which are also very flexible and convenient.

We will discuss some of the important differences between handbags and tote bags. After going through the given article, you will know when you should use a handbag and what’s the best occasion to go for a tote bag. We will provide a clear idea about both of the bags so that you have all the information you might need whenever you have to select a bag for a specific occasion or purpose.


What makes handbags and tote bags different from each other?

Are you confused between getting yourself a handbag or a tote bag? Well, let’s have a look at the features of both types of bags which will make it very easy for you to make your choice according to your requirement and convenience.

Difference of Straps

This is the main difference you will come across in both the bags just at one glance. The handbag mostly has a single strap which is long and flexible to carry. However, the tote bag has two straps. Maybe the difference in strap has no meaning to you, but it can change the functioning of the bag. If you have ever used it as a shopping bag, a tote bag provides the same features. The difference of straps between both the bags sets different functions for both the bags.

Difference of Space provided

If you want to carry a lot of things all at once, the tote bag is the best choice you can make because it provides more room for your accessories.

  • It can be extended to a large limit; however, the handbag does not provide this feature.
  • It can only carry a specific number of things because it is made up of formal usage. It depends on your requirement and for what purpose you are using it.

Handbags are formal uses and a specified number of accessories; however, tote bags provide you more space and flexibility.

Tote Bag

Difference of interior

The interior of handbags is much better than the tote bags if you want to keep your things organized. It provides a lot of pockets and zips for keeping your stuff individually, which makes it easy to find them at the time of need.

On the other hand, tote bags just have one larger pocket, and they can occupy all your accessories all at once. This may be beneficial for carrying a lot of things, but at the time of necessity, you will find it difficult to find your stuff.

Difference of usage

You can use handbags effectively formal places, for example, offices and occasions, because they are manufactured for formal purposes. If you want to keep be comfortable and organized at your workplace and other such formal situations, you should go for a handbag.

However, if you are going to an informal gathering, or you have kids for whom you have to carry a lot of accessories, it is convenient to use a tote bag. You have to keep in mind your situation and requirement and choose the bag according to it.

Difference of pockets

The number of pockets provided by both bags is different. If you want some pockets for your stuff, it is recommended to go for a handbag. Tote bag is a flexible bag that provides only one pocket, and it is a good choice for those who cannot carry a lot of accessories along with them. Tote bags are also used for style and luxury.

You can just flex it on any occasion where you do not have to carry a lot of stuff but need to have a stylish bag. You should decide your pick of bag according to the number of pockets you want and how many accessories you are carrying.

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Difference of materials

The use of the material in both the bags mostly has no difference because both are made up of luxurious material. However, the handbags are quite flexible, and they can be adjusted easily.

The material of handbags is mostly soft, which makes the texture very smooth to touch. Tote bags are mostly hard, which makes them good at protecting your accessories from external damage. You should consider the material used in both bags before purchasing.

Difference of purpose

The purpose of the bag is to keep your accessories safe. You should get the type of material according to your requirement. If you are carrying fragile accessories which can be broken down easily, it is recommended to use a tote bag because it is hard from the outside, and it will provide more protection. On the other hand, if you are carrying formal material, using a handbag for it will be the best option.

Difference of size

The size of a handbag is most smaller than tote bag. If you are visiting a formal place where you have to carry the formal accessories only, it is recommended to go for a handbag. However, if you are traveling long distances where you will need a lot of stuff, the tote bag is the best choice.

It will provide more space, as it is mentioned above, because of its larger size and flexibility. The size of the bag is the main difference between both the handbag and tote bag. You can get a lot of variety in both types of bags, so it is best to go through the whole variety before purchasing any of them.

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Final Thoughts:

Some of the basic and important differences between a handbag and a tote bag are mentioned above. By going through the above text, you will know which type of bag will be suitable for a specific location and gathering.