How to Store Leather Shoes to Prevent Mold

Leather shoes are known for their classy looks and premium feel. These last for years when used with care and protection and stored correctly. Something that most people go wrong about is storing their leather shoes correctly. When you don’t follow the right storage practices, mold forms on your shoes, which can be heart-wrenching. So, in this guide, we will discuss how to store leather shoes to prevent mold formation.

What causes mold formation in leather shoes when stored

What causes mold formation in leather shoes when stored?

Before you get familiar with prevention and curing, you must know the cause of mold formation on your leather shoes. There are multiple causes of mold formation on leather shoes; the ones listed below are the most common.

1. High humidity levels at the storage place

High humidity is one of the leading causes of mold formation on your leather shoes. It is because leather provides the right surface, and high humidity provides the right environment for mold growth. As a result, your shoes end up with mold growth on them.

2. Bad airflow at the storage place

Even if you don’t live in a place with high humidity if you store your shoes somewhere with bad airflow, moisture inside the shoes will stay there. It would evaporate, in this case, that trapped moisture leads to mold formation.

3. Leaving your shoes dirty before storing them

Dirt or grime stuck on the shoe can contain germs and moisture for mold formation. So, storing the shoes right after wearing them and not cleaning them before storing them fuels mold growth. That’s why cleaning shoes and letting them dry for a while will be your best choice to prevent mold formation.

store leather shoes to prevent mold

How do you store leather shoes to prevent mold formation?

Now that you know what causes mold formation on your leather shoes, it will be easier to prevent mold formation. Elaborated below are the top 9 ways to prevent mold formation on your leather shoes when storing them.

1. Always store your shoes after cleaning them thoroughly

You need to ensure that your shoes are not wet or dirty when you store them. It is ideal for cleaning them with a brush or dry cloth. However, you can also use wet supplies if necessary. Doing so ensures to remove the favorable conditions for mold growth.

2. Store the leather shoes in a cool and dry place.

Heat and humidity can act as fuel for mold formation. So, the right choice in your case will be looking for a cool and dry storage place. Protecting from direct sunlight will also help. Such places reduce the chances of rapid mold growth; hence keep your shoes safe.

3. If you live in a humid environment, use a dehumidifier in your closet

Sometimes you have no control over the humidity in your area due to the climatic conditions. However, using a dehumidifier, you can still control the humidity level in the storage area. You can get a small one for the closet, and it will get the job done.

4. Never store your shoes when they are wet.

You should never store your shoes when they are wet. Even if they are dry on the outside, the insole and interior of your shoe may be moist. So, let them dry before storing them. Take the insoles out for quicker drying.

5. Never use air-tight containers or plastic bags.

People often mistakenly use airtight containers and plastic bags to store leather shoes. That is a huge mistake since it traps moisture and germs inside. Try using some cloth bags, but never use airtight containers or bags for storing leather shoes.

6. Never let the shoes stay in the same spot.

If you store your shoes for a long time, don’t let them sit in the same spot. Rotating your shoes after a few days will help keep the airflow all around the shoes, and that will help keep the shoes dry. Resultantly, it will prevent mold formation on your shoes.

7. Use a desiccant pack whenever you store your shoes.

New shoes come with desiccant packs in them. These help absorb all the moisture from the shoes. Keep these packs in the place where you store your shoes and place them inside the shoes when storing them. That would be a great way to ensure the shoes stay moisture free while stored.

8. Store shoes inside a covered container to prevent dust

You must keep your shoes safe from dust and external germs even when you clean them. A container with a cover will help keep the germs and dust away from your shoes. However, be careful about not using airtight containers.

Moldy Shoes vs. After Removing Mold Shoes

What to do if mold forms on your leather shoes?

Sometimes you take all the right measures, and mold still forms on your shoes. So, if you face this issue, here is what you can do to prevent that from happening in the future.

1. Use shoe cleaning and protection sprays.

Some sprays can clean and protect your shoes from mold. So if mold ever forms on your shoes, you must try those sprays and cleaning supplies. This way, you will keep your shoes clean and protect them from mold germs in one go.

2. Consider getting professional cleaning and storage services

If nothing works for you, professional cleaning and storage services will be the last resort. Their techniques, supplies, and equipment are far better than yours, and they regularly check shoes to ensure that mold never forms on your shoe. So, if you have an expensive pair of leather shoes, getting this service would be a good value for money.

Final Verdict

With premium and classy looks, leather shoes also have a premium price tag. That’s why people often use them with care. Storing your leather shoes is a part of taking care. That’s why people often use them with care. Storing your leather shoes is a part of taking care, but storing them incorrectly, you can fall into bigger problems like mold formation. Hopefully, now you know all the right practices to prevent mold formation on your shoes with the information discussed above.