How to Store Leather Jackets for a Longer Life?

Leather jackets are made from different types of leather, and the average lifespan of a jacket is about 20 years if used carefully. However, their leather jackets only last a few years for most people. One of the biggest reasons behind that is not taking proper care of their jacket, especially when storing them. Leather jackets can take a lot of damage since you don’t regularly keep them clean.

However, when stored incorrectly, the amount of damage to leather will be extreme, which can permanently damage it by drying it out, cracking, etc.

Why storing your leather jackets correctly is important?

Why storing your leather jackets correctly is important

Knowing the purpose is important before you start with the right ways to store your leather jacket. Knowing why you are following each practice will help you store your leather jacket even better. So, here are the top 5 reasons why storing your leather jackets correctly is very important.

1. Protection from sunlight and moisture prevents damage

Sunlight, moisture, and extreme temperatures are among the biggest enemies of leather jackets. By storing your jacket correctly, you can ensure the following benefits:

  • Cool temperature
  • Dry place
  • Proper exposure to light

Hence, you create a perfect environment for the leather jacket, which keeps it from cracking, getting brittle, or fading due to sunlight.

2. Maintains the natural shine of the leather

Three things that will help maintain the natural shine of your leather jacket are keeping it clean and conditioned and storing it properly. When you store your jacket properly, you will maintain its natural shine since the jacket will stay safe from dust and stains from the environment. You can also prevent the leather jacket from fading and keep it looking like new.

3. Keeps your jacket in the perfect shape

Leather is among the most wonderful materials that we can wear. It is known for taking the shape of the object it is placed on. That’s why these jackets and shoes often adapt to the shape of your body. Storing your jackets correctly will help keep the shape of your jacket and prevent any unwanted wrinkles or stretches on your jacket.

4. Your jacket will always be ready to wear

You cannot iron leather jackets as you can do with other jackets. It means if the jacket is stored incorrectly, it can be very problematic, considering the jacket is not ready to wear when needed. Hanging it correctly will always maintain the shape of your jacket, keeping it ready to wear. Hence, whenever you need to wear that jacket, take it off the hanger and wear it right away.

5. The overall lifespan of your jacket will increase.

Apart from all the reasons above, the main purpose of correct storage is a better lifespan. When you care for your leather jacket, its lifespan increases by years, making it last up to 20 years of good usage. On the contrary, if you don’t store it correctly, it will only last a few years despite being a 100% genuine leather jacket.

How to store leather jackets for a longer life? Top 8 things you must know

How to Store Leather Jackets for a Longer Life Top 8 things you must know

If you want your leather jacket to last a decade or more, you must store it correctly. Since there are a lot of things that you can do, here are the top 8 that everyone must know:

1. Manage proper storage environment for the leather jacket

The first thing you need to work on is the proper storage environment for the leather jacket. Putting it in your closet won’t protect its lifespan, and you must take the right measures. When managing the storage environment for the jacket, you need to:

  • Pick an area that has good air circulation since that will prevent mold formation
  • Choose a closet that does not get to extreme temperature levels. Storing at room temperature will be great.
  • Maintain proper humidity levels since if they increase over 40% that can cause mold formation on the jacket. So, using dehumidifiers for extremely humid conditions might be helpful.
  • Ensure that the jacket is stored in dark conditions since constant exposure to light will make the leather fade away.

2. Use the right type of hanger to avoid any unwanted creases

Picking the right hanger is also of vital importance for the leather jacket. Thin hangers can create bulge marks or creases on the shoulder sections of the jacket. So, going with a wide hanger will replicate the shape of your shoulders, ensuring that the jacket is hung correctly and the hanger supports the whole weight of the jacket.

3. Wrap your jacket in acid-free paper for added protection.

Wrapping your leather jacket in acid-free paper is a great practice since it protects the jacket from dust, moisture, dirt, and even light to a certain extent. When you protect the jacket from all these elements, the damage it takes will decrease, increasing the life of your jacket. It prevents things from rubbing against leather preventing its shine.

4. No closet space, try using breathable containers for your jacket

You will need some breathable containers if you don’t have enough storage space to hang the leather jacket freely. Such containers are available in multiple sizes and come in fabric and wood.

These are used to protect from external elements while ensuring breathability for the leather. You must never fold the jacket too tight or put multiple items in one container.

5. Clean your jacket every time before you store it to maintain its class.

More than half of the life of your leather jacket depends on how clean you keep it. If you regularly remove dirt and dust from your jacket, then its lifespan will increase. Such factors degrade the looks of your jacket and ruin its shine. So, whenever you store it, ensure to clean it. This way, when you pick that jacket to wear the next time, it will look good.

6. Condition the leather at least twice a year when storing it for a better life

No matter how often or rarely you use your jacket, it is always advised to condition it at least twice a year. When you do that, the lifespan of your jacket will increase. It is because of the following reasons:

  • Conditioning keeps leather in good health
  • If you rarely use the jacket, taking it out for conditioning will give it some exposure to air

7. If you live in an excessively humid environment, then use silica gel packets

If you live in an area with extreme humidity levels, silica gel packets will help remove moisture. Keeping a few of them with the jacket will reduce the chances of moisture formation. However, it is important to place your jacket in a well-ventilated area for the best results.

8. Get professional storage services for the jacket if you cannot.

If there is no chance that you can manage to store your jacket correctly, then look for professional services. Multiple options will provide professional cleaning, conditioning, and storage services for cheap, and availing of them will protect and prolong the lifespan of your premium leather jackets.

Things that you must avoid doing with your leather jacket when storing it

Things that you must avoid doing with your leather jacket when storing it

While knowing all the right practices, there are a few things that you must know to avoid. These seem too common that many people ignore them while storing their leather jackets. So, when storing your leather jacket, avoid repeating the following mistakes.

1. Never use vacuum bags to pack the leather jacket.

Vacuum bags are good because they save a lot of storage space when packing fabrics. However, not every fabric is made to be crammed in a very tight space, and leather is a prime example. So, if you want to extend the life of your leather jacket, you first need to avoid keeping it in tighter spaces, especially using vacuum containers.

2. Never fold and put the leather jacket in with other clothes.

People often make the mistake they fold their leather jackets to pack them. Folding is never the right thing for a leather jacket. Moreover, they pack it with other clothes, which increases the pressure on the leather jacket. That’s how you can create unwanted wrinkles and creases on the jacket, technically ruining its premium looks. So, it is preferred never to do that with your leather jacket if you want a long lifespan.

3. Never use plastic containers or closets for storing a leather jacket

Never use plastic cupboards or storage containers for storing your leather jackets because these don’t let leather breathe correctly, which can shorten its lifespan. Whenever storing your jacket, you can use any wooden container that provides enough storage space but stay away from plastic containers as much as possible.


How to Store Leather Jackets for a Longer Life-Leather Jackets for Men

A leather jacket is a premium item that gives a lot of character to your personality. So, if you own one, you must care for it to make it last longer. In most cases, the leather jacket gets all the damage because users don’t know the correct way to store it. If you want a longer lifespan for your leather jackets, we hope the tips discussed here will be helpful enough.

Remember that only conditioning and cleaning the leather jacket won’t do the job. You need to store it correctly for the best life. Moreover, staying away from storage practices that will damage your leather jacket is important.