How to Clean Your Real Mink Jackets? Your Complete DIY Guide

If you own an expensive mink jacket, it is possible you’re thinking about how to keep it clean, and absolutely fabulous. It’s like having a soft, and special gift from a friend, and you really want to take good care of it, right? Well, do not worry, given that the mink jacket isn’t as difficult to maintain as it might sound. We’re going to walk you through it, step by step.

Mink jackets are certainly not just any sort of coats, they symbolize class and deluxe. They could make you feel like a movie celeb. Yet to keep that allure alive, you’ll need to find out just how to pamper your mink the right way. Therefore, prepare to learn just how to give your mink jacket the royal care it deserves. In this DIY guide, we will break it down for you in simple language so you can always keep your mink jacket looking its outright best!

How to Clean Your Real Mink Jackets

Brush the Jacket

Before you begin clean-up, locate a neat and flat surface to work conveniently. This could be a table, bed, or any area totally free from dust and clutter. Placing your jacket on an uncluttered surface guarantees you won’t introduce new dust or dirt while cleaning.

Get a soft brush. To ensure there is no damage to your mink jacket, it must have gentle bristles. While holding the brush, begin to stroke your jacket in the same direction as the fur. It’s like petting a dog. This brushing can help to get rid of dust and other dirt that must have settled in such jacket. Patience is the key here to ensure your mink jacket is looking new again.

Spot cleaning

Have you ever seen any stain on your mink jacket that is as result of an accident? Instead of worrying too much about what could have caused such, focus on how it can be removed. There is no need to rack your brains out as it can be handled. You only need a detergent or mild soap. Mix either of these with water.

After that, dip a soft cloth into the soapy water and use it to clean your jacket. Dab the area that is stained. Please avoid rubbing or scrubbing at this point since they can damage the fur. Also, don’t use excess water while cleaning a stained spot on your jacket. This can make it become wet.

Rinsing Your Mink Jacket

After dabbing the stained spot on your mink jacket, the next step is to ensure any soap residue is removed. This will help such jacket to remain clean. At this point, you will need to get another cloth. Please it should be different from the one you have used before. Just ensure it is damp (don’t use soap).

Press the cloth on any soapy area in such jacket. Now, we are only trying to remove any leftover soap. Wipe gently with the cloth until there is no sign of soap on the jacket. Do not use too much water while doing this. It can soak your jacket which isn’t a good sign.

Here is our complete guide on how to clean your real fur jackets with all steps, detailed instructions, and the material you need for every step.

Using a towel

In the last step, we talked about how you can remove soap residue from your mink jacket. The problem is that such jacket may become damp. This isn’t a big deal though as you can easily make it dry off. Just get a towel that is clean and dry. Now, have it placed on the damp area of your mink jacket. Gently press the towel on the jacket. This is an action that ensures moisture is absorbed without scrubbing or rubbing.

It is important that you don’t use brush to scrub your mink jacket. This can cause more damage than you will ever imagine to its surface. Also, if you notice that your towel has gotten dampened, try to get another. This will make your jacket dry off properly.

Hang It Up

If your mink jacket doesn’t dry off completely, it means your job isn’t complete. This can make it develop an offensive smell later on. At this point, you need to find a hanger. Those ones you use to hang your clothes will do.

Find a place where the mink jacket can get dry without getting exposed to sunlight and its harmful effects. It can affect the color of your mink jacket with time therefore, should be avoided. You need a place where there is fresh air and mild heat to make it dry naturally. Just leave it for a few hours. Once you notice that it is no longer damp, take it inside.

Storing Your Mint Jacket

Storing your mink jacket isn’t an easy task since you could get it wrong. For instance, you need a place that is cool and dry. It should be completely free from humidity or even moisture. This is because mink fur doesn’t enjoy dampness.

Do you have a dust-free cloth bag or cover? This can help to a great extent. All you have to do is slip the mink jacket into any of these storage options before storing it. It is an extra layer of protection that can ensure your jacket is kept away from dust. It will always remain sparkling new once properly stored.

Last Words on How to Clean Your Real Mink Jacket

From the details above, it is clear that cleaning your mink jacket is not rocket science. The process isn’t as complicated or difficult as most people are trying to sound. You only need to follow the right steps to ensure nothing goes wrong. All these have been explained in detail to help you get started immediately.

Please note that not all mink jackets are easy to clean. In fact, trying to clean some can end up in frustration since they are not of high quality. Based on expert recommendations, ensure you are purchasing mink jackets made by Brucegao. They have proven to be trusted and reliable over the years. Best of all is that they are easy to clean.

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