How Do I Choose A Leather Bag | Leather Bag Buying Guide

Sleek, sophisticated, and elegant, that’s what a leather bag actually is. Leather bags suit perfectly for any type of event. However, when it comes to choosing a leather bag, then remember, not all of the available options are equal. The leather bags vary. And you might encounter the worst expect if you don’t know how to choose a leather bag. Choosing any random leather bag can let you face many problems even after a few uses only. These commonly include:

  • Loose stitching
  • Detached handles
  • Cracked leather
  • Rusty hardware and more.

To avoid all these, you must know the most important things to consider while buying a leather bag.

Leather Bag Buying Guide

Things to know before buying a leather bag

Do you want to know what these important factors are that you must consider to choose the right leather bag for you? Here we have enlisted the most important of these factors to make things easier. So, here we go:

1. Type of leather

Just like your jackets and shoes, you must go for full-grain leather for your bag as well. It is because this is the best leather quality available which looks more fantastic over the years. The best full-grain leather used to get a sheeny look which leather usually gets through aging. However, it’s always better to not invest in bonded leather bags. It is because these are made of scrapped leather pieces and come up with second-class leather quality.

2. Country of origin

More often, the leather origin can describe its quality easily. Countries that are constantly producing high-quality leather include France, US, Italy, and England. So, whenever you want to get a premium leather bag, you must choose the leather from the above-mentioned countries. Additional Tip: However, to ensure a perfect selection, you should make sure to buy from a trustworthy source only. Classic Leather Bag

3. Durability and Finish

Undoubtedly, the texture and quality of leather are the most important factors to consider to make the right choice. However, you must ensure that your chosen leather bag is crafted painstakingly and you are guaranteed to have a perfectly finished and highly durable leather bag. An expertly crafted leather bag must be able to withstand the test of time and go with you for a longer period of time with ease.

4. Color

The common leather bag colors’ breakdown includes:

  • Light brown
  • Tan
  • Black
  • Dark brown

However, when you want to choose a perfect leather bag for a specific purpose, then remember:

  • Dark brown and black leather bags are highly suitable for professional use. It is because these colors possess a feel of authority and power.
  • However, tan and light brown colors are best to choose for a more relaxed and casual workspace.

If you want to go with a more formal selection, then black is the best to go with. It is because a black leather bag can complement suits of any color with ease. Even more, the black color can keep its elegance and class maintained for years to come. Important Note: For enhanced elegance, avoid double colored leather bags. Also, it is always better not to choose a leather bag containing stitching of any contrasting color. It is because going for a single-colored leather bag is the safest choice. Fashion Leather Bag

5. Details matter

Choosing a leather bag will take much more than just considering the type, color, and origin of the leather used in the manufacturing. It is because you have to consider the quality of its hardware as well. So, whenever you are buying a leather bag, make sure to inspect that the quality of its hardware is up to the mark as well. It will always better to see the quality of hardware features of the bag as well including zipper, handles, metallic rings, lock, shoulder strap, etc. Make sure to look how well-stitched a bag is. It is because poor stitching means poor build quality of the leather bag. Consequently, you will have a product that can’t withstand the test of time. Overall, all of these factors will play a vital role in the reliability, durability, and functionality of your leather bag.

6. Functionality

When you are buying a leather bag, make sure to remember its usage. Otherwise, you might end up investing your precious dollars on something which looks great but can’t function well for your current need. So, think about the purpose of buying the leather bag that you want to have. Then choose the style and size of the leather bag accordingly. Even more, you must consider a comfortable fit of the leather bag as well. Additional tip: While buying the best leather bag, make sure to check the interior of the bag as well. Choose the leather bag that has enough compartments in the space inside. It is because these are necessary to keep your stuff more organized and easily accessible. Leather Bag

7. Price

Keep in mind the fact that price isn’t always here to represent quality. There are some brands available which are providing high-quality leather bags at a competitive price range. Therefore, going behind the pricier tag isn’t a smart move here. Important tip: Avoid paying for a brand name when you are buying a leather bag. Instead, make sure to pay for the quality of the leather available at a competitive price range.

8. Style of the leather bag

When you are buying a leather bag, then you must choose a leather bag that can go well with your style and personality in the best possible way. It is because by this you will be able to make a statement with your bag easily. So, it is always better to go behind the style of a leather bag that looks sassy, sophisticated, and elegant. Important tip: While choosing the best style for you, don’t avoid comfort. Always remember to go with something that’s classy and comfortable at the same time.


So, these are some of the most important factors that will make a leather bag a perfect choice for you. Don’t forget to look for a leather bag with the above-mentioned qualities to make the right choice for you.