What is an Alligator

  Animals have been living on this earth before man was born. There are different types of animals that are labeled as the modern version of the historical animals. We have found several fossils of dinosaurs. Researchers have been working on the fossils to find out the origin of the dinosaurs.

  Unfortunately, they have not been able to clearly determine the origin of the dinosaurs but they have been able to find their closet relative. Yes, you read it right. The closest relative of dinosaur is still living among us. It is known as an alligator.



  Alligator belongs to the species of reptiles. It is the oldest form of reptile that has been living among us. They are identified because of their huge body. In the first look, you will feel like it is a large lizard that you have noticed near the water area.

  Alligators are mostly found in the rivers and lakes. They prefer to spend most of their time in the water but for food, they often come on to the shore. The reason is that they are carnivores and like to eat animals. Most of the alligators like to eat any animals that will come near the water to drink it. Their biggest prey is zebras, goats, and deer.

  Alligators are professional and animals that go near the water have never been able to identify that the alligator is near them. It has been found that alligators hide under the first layer of water and because of its skin similarity with water it hides perfectly. It will attack the animal and grab its neck in the huge jaw. Once in the jaw of an alligator, the animal will find no way to escape. Alligator will take its prey under the water to assure that the animal will drown and they can easily consume it.


Alligators vs crocodile

  There are many people that are confused about the alligators and crocodile. They think that both animals are same but there are some differences that you should understand. Here are some differences you should know.

  1. The shape of the snout in alligator is U-shaped but that of crocodile that is V-shaped.
  2. Alligators are found in China and US only while crocodiles are easily found
  3. Alligators like to live in freshwater whereas crocodiles like to live in salty and saline water
  4. Alligators can easily hide their teeth that makes them hard to identify but in case of crocodile they cannot hide their teeth.
  5. Alligators are smaller as compared to crocodile
  6. Alligator has a darker shade skin
  7. Alligator is faster and it often becomes hard to protect yourself from them

  It is important that you learn the technique to protect yourself when you see an alligator approaching you. Remember that they are fast and once you are in their jaw, you will have no escape. So it is better that you run in a zig-zag manner because alligator will find it hard to follow you.

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