The Different Types of Leather Used in Jackets

Whenever we think of leather jackets, the first thing that hits our mind is cowhide leather. Undoubtedly it is among the most common types of leather used for jackets and other products. However, we have a huge collection of leather types used for making jackets. Each one brings different characteristics, features, experiences, and looks. So, here we will be discussing the different types of leather we use for making jackets.

Why are leather jackets made with different leather types?

Leather products are known for being unique and premium. Cowhide is considered a durable leather type with good user experience; however, it lacks when it comes to being premium. Because it is commonly available, we go for other materials that are not that easily available.

Leather types like crocodile skin, alligator skin, ostrich skin, and snakeskin are known as exotic leather types that look stunning and bring a great user experience with their features. So, keeping things unique and premium according to the latest design trends is one of the biggest reasons for using different leather types for making leather jackets.

What are the top 9 types of leather used for making jackets?

The top 9 types of leather used for making jackets include the following:

Types of Leather Used in Jackets-Cowhide and calfskin

1. Cowhide and calfskin

It is the most commonly used leather type for making jackets due to its durability and weather resistance. Cowhide is good for finishing since it can be treated and dyed in multiple ways. You can get a premium shiny finish with it and a rugged or rough finish with the same leather.

Calfskin comes from younger animals of the same species, and it is softer and thinner while it maintains all other features similarly. It has a finer grain that makes it more premium.

Types of Leather Used in Jackets-Sheepskin and goatskin

2. Sheepskin and goatskin

Sheepskin and goatskin types of leather make good choices for leather jackets that are used for fashion or biking. These are the thinner types of leather that are lightweight and easy to carry. These are not good for extreme cold but provide weather resistance to a certain extent with good durability making their jackets good motorcycle jackets.

Types of Leather Used in Jackets-Buffalo leather

3. Buffalo leather

If you want the best durability experience from leather, then going to buffalo leather is right. It not only provides durability and weather resistance, but you also get water resistance. Buffalo leather jackets make a good pick for harsh weather conditions, and these jackets don’t fall behind in fashion.

However, the leather naturally looks good when finished in a rugged style, which adds to its style as a durable and reliable leather material for motorcycle jackets.

Types of Leather Used in Jackets-Crocodile Leather

4. Crocodile skin

Moving towards the more exotic and luxurious leather types, crocodile leather is a common choice for making fashion-statement jackets. It is unique due to its natural pattern that has a texture to it. However, looks are not the only thing you get from this leather. Crocodile leather is known very well for its durability, and if the jacket is taken good care of, it can last for over a decade.

Types of Leather Used in Jackets-Alligator Leather

5. Alligator skin

Don’t confuse alligator and crocodile skin leathers as one since they are different in their looks. Both come from different species of animals, so the natural scaly patterns are different. The thing similar to these leather types is their luxury and exotic feel.

Since it is good for dyeing in different colors, alligator leather is also used for making style-statement jackets with an eye-catching appearance. If you’re looking for stylish alligator jackets, BRUCEGAO is a great choice.  Each jacket is made from carefully selected materials and meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans.

Types of Leather Used in Jackets-Snakeskin

6. Snakeskin

Snakeskin is usually used in its original form since it has unique color patterns depending on the snake species. However, it is also great for dyeing into different colors to give extra character. Due to these characteristics, it is used for making fashion jackets. Snakeskin is thin and lightweight, but it does not lack in terms of durability since it can withstand wear and tear even after years of usage.

Types of Leather Used in Jackets-Shark leather

7. Shark leather

Sharkskin leather is obtained from sharks, and the most important feature it is used for is being watered resistant. The jacket is lightweight, thin, and breathable. Along with all these, it is good against harsh weather conditions and can take impacts from harsh surfaces very well. That’s the reason it is often used for making motorcycle jackets. Sharkskin leather can also be used for making fashion jackets thanks to its unique leather surface texture.

Types of Leather Used in Jackets-Ostrich Leather

8. Ostrich leather

Ostrich leather is one of the best names in the world of exotic leather types. While different types of leather have a grain or scaly appearance, it has a pimpled grain pattern that makes it one of a kind. These pimple grains have a texture that is almost impossible to fake, and they are randomly placed on the surface, so every jacket made with this leather looks unique.

Apart from these, ostrich skin is good for dyeing, tanning, and finishing, making it a good choice for fashion jackets.

Types of Leather Used in Jackets-Stingray Leather

9. Stingray leather

Stingray leather is also a unique and premium type of leather used for making jackets. It is soft on the inside and a little hard on the outside. Hence, the jackets made with it have a unique structure and feel. Surprisingly, it is around 25 times better than cowhide leather regarding durability. Additionally, stingray leather does not restrict in terms of designing, dyeing, etc.


Each type of leather looks different and is different to touch as well. More importantly, how your jacket can be designed with different types of leather matters a lot. Since there are multiple types of leather used for making jackets, we gave you an overview of what makes each leather type the preferable option. If you want to buy your leather jacket, this guide may help you choose the right leather type according to your use case.