Footwear Brands That Every Gentleman Should Know of

Finding the right shoes tailored to your needs is not always an easy task. Everyone is looking for something very different and unique in their shoes. Some men want the most comfortable shoes they can find, others look for value, while others pay a little more if they consider quality as valuable. The perfect shoe collection is described as eccentric, classic, exquisite yet modern, characterized by a mysterious technical sensitivity. If you are in search of some good footwear brands, you will get confused very quickly as there is a number of brands offering men’s shoes.

To save you from this confusion, here is a list of top 5 best footwear brands that every gentleman should know of. Let’s have a look at these brands



For those who love crocodile leather shoes, BRUCEGAO will not disappoint you with the handmade shoes. With the beautiful combination of experience and fashion, you can be sure that shoes offered by Brucegao’s are of high quality and perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a formal dinner or friend’s gettogether. The team at Brucegao ensures that every customer has shoes that last for years.

The crocodile leather shoe offered by Brucegao is a sure way to get the best results when you wear leather shoes. This guarantees comfort and satisfaction with the leather shoes you wear. The materials used in the making of shoes allow you to make the right decision. Therefore, there is a sure way to get the best experience when using it. You deserve the best crocodile leather shoes, and the Brucegao handmade product will take you to the great satisfaction you need when wearing these shoes. Therefore, the purchase will always be the best option. Who knows, you can get better results by wearing crocodile shoes made by hand.

Berluti Shoes


Berluti is one of the leading manufacturers of men’s clothing, mainly calf leather, kangaroo leather, and crocodile leather in its footwear production. Berluti believes that you cannot be elegant if you are not well-shod and comfortable. The house started with custom shoes, but today it offers accessories and ready-made clothes that combine the classic craftsmanship with a contemporary twist. Founded in the year1895 by Alessandro Berlotti, this Italian leather goods brand based in Paris manufactures unique shoes in its category.

Now run by Kris Van Assche, Berluti’s fame includes the magnificent Derbies and the superb Oxfords with a superb patio. The beautiful shadow effect is handmade by the craftsmen of Berluti and gives the shoes a sophisticated look. Berluti is also distinguished by his Scritto engraving, which is traditional calligraphy inspired from an eighteenth-century letter engraved in some of his shoes as an impressive style.



Stefano Ricci is a private Italian brand for a luxury lifestyle. With 60 individual stores worldwide, the brand produces men’s clothing and accessories, collection for juniors and home, SR Junior and SR HOME as well as lifestyle products. Stefano Ricci’s dress tradition is synonymous with excellence and perfection in Italy.

The highest standards of quality and personalization are guaranteed by choosing exclusive fabrics and exquisite materials, as well as the precious heritage of Florentine craftsmanship and skill. The clothing tradition at Stefano Ricci is perfect in every way and is 100% made in Italy. For Stefano Ricci’s men’s shoe collection, expect anything from crocodile leather shoes to glamorous suede, crocodile leather, and calfskin sneakers. Vibrant and rich colors and simple, clean lines give these exquisite designs an exceptional touch.

Tom Ford Shoes


If you are in search of a shoe brand that offers reliability and style, TOM FORD is the right choice for you. The TOM FORD brand was created in the year 2005. Tom Ford joined the company by former Gucci Group President and CEO Domenico de Sol, who is the company’s chairman. TOM FORD is a leading brand in Menswear, Eyewear, and as well as Beauty.

Tom Ford became a household name when he moved to Milan with his partner, journalist Richard Buckley. His men’s shoe clothing offerings are flawless, and his shoe line follows the best process ensuring style and quality. Opting for TOM FORD shoes will never ever disappoint you. The quality of designer shoes offered by TOM FORD is unmatched and tends to be more subtle than the mainstream products. You will love to spend hundreds of dollars happily as the quality and style offered by TOM FORD shoes are worth the money.

Prada Shoes


Prada is one of the most impressive and expensive brands in the world. Prada offers clothing for men latest shoe collection, leather shoes collection, sunglasses, accessories, and fragrances.

The company was established in the year 1913 by Mario Prada and Martino, his brother, as a leather goods store. Initially, the store sold animal goods. Prada is today one of the high-end brands.

It is famous and is a respected name for fashion lovers and admirers. So far, the brand has retained its character and respect. Prada shoes started with couture,  grace, and nobility. Focusing on the creative side, Prada products are made from the finest materials and are one of the reasons for its success to date. The incredible expertise of Prada products is much appreciated around the world. Recognized for their durability, these shoes are ideal for night-time outings and other special occasions. Prada products are actually options to save money for any consumer. The Prada style is modern, based on the northern Italian traditions of secret elegance and fine craftsmanship.

In the world of shoes, there are a few things that are instantly creative and recognizable. Whereas when it comes to men’s shoes, things are less clear. Although we have seen a lot of sophisticated styles, inventiveness remains the key to a gentleman’s footwear. However, most of the men’s shoe brands are excluding sophistication and class in different ways.  If you are looking for luxury brands that offer the best shoes, consider these brands.