Designer Wedding Shoes for Groom

In human life, different events and moments are come and left beautiful and pleasant memories in mind. If we sit alone and try to recall the pleasant moments and events, they might come in abundance. One of the best events is the wedding event. It may be your wedding day or any close friend or family member’s, weddings come with a lot of fun, happiness and a lot of new stuff.

If we only talk about dresses and other accessories of the bride and groom, both of them have a lot of options. The selection of the wedding dress for the bride is obvious and time-consuming because all of them want to look out of the world on their wedding day. The same happened in the case of grooms, they also prefer the best dress and contrasting shoes.

We often notice one thing in males; they would love to buy expensive and stylish shoes. Men have a great sense of selection when it comes to their favorite stuff like shoes, watches and many others. Today, we are going to talk about designer shoes. So, let’s just discuss designer wedding shoes for the groom and see what we have for them.

Handcrafted Wholecut Alligator Leather Oxford Shoes

1. Handcrafted Wholecut Alligator Leather Oxford Shoes

From the collection of alligator leather oxford shoes, here comes a fine piece of shoes. It is made of high-quality alligator leather and there is no use of any artificial material or harmful chemical in production. Moreover, the shiny black color of the wholecut alligator shoes is increasing the overall look of the shoe and makes it prominent among all. Let’s check out the main feature of these shoes.

· Handcrafted:

This shoe is one of its kinds. The skillful and professional team of the company has manufactured this shoe by hand. From its cutting to the polish, all the binding and making process is done manually.

· Wholecut alligator leather

The alligator leather shoe is made of wholecut patch style. In which a single piece or patch is used to manufacture a full pair. As you ever notice the unique look of the wholecut alligator shoe, there is no any extra patch on it. It looks simple and classy.

· Different pattern and design:

This pair of shoes is unique in design as compared to other wholecut designs. It has a uniform pattern on it but we often use to watch wholecut shoes without any pattern.

Handcrafted Alligator Wedding Dress Shoes

2. Handcrafted Alligator Wedding Dress Shoes

Here comes another handcrafted shoe for the groom who is also made of alligator skin. This dress shoe is from a limited edition and the most attractive feature of this shoe is handmade. This classy pair of shoes is best for the wedding day and it can pair up with any type of dress or color. Let’s check out its features.

· Unique design:

This handmade alligator wedding shoes is handmade. The unique design of the shoes is the main attraction. It’s not only beautifully made but also printed with an amazing design that can increase the value of the shoes.

· Double shaded:

The shoes have a double shaded pattern on it. The alligator skin also comes in one shade but most of the manufacturers add artificial tint to give it a new look and color but the quality of the leather will remain the same. So, this shoe is a great example of the tinted shade that gives compliment to the natural pattern of the alligator leather.

· Lace-up shoe:

This wedding dress shoe has a lace-up feature. This gives you a strong grip, you can even run after wearing the shoe. Enjoy your wedding with this unique and beautiful pair of shoes.

Alligator Skin Cap-Toe Oxford Shoes

3. Alligator Skin Cap-Toe Oxford Shoes:

Alligator leather shoe range is famous for its beautiful and unique designs. If you really want to make the wedding day best, try this amazing pair of shoes on your best day. This shoe is not only for your wedding day but you can wear it in the office and other events as well. So, in short, it’s a onetime investment with a lot of benefits. Let’s check out the features of the shoes.

· Cap-toe design:

The cap toe design is a type of shoes in which the horizontal sewing comes over the toe box that stretches out to the welt on either side. That is why the cap framing on the toe. Cap-toe shoes are famous for their class and uniqueness.

· Unique black color:

The shoe has jet black color and it’s original. The alligator leather comes in black color but after production, the polish on the shoe is enhancing its patterns and design.

· Different pattern:

The design of the shoes is also different because you can easily check the additional dotted line on the shoes that adds beauty and class in it.

Alligator Leather Loafers

4. Alligator Leather Loafers

When we are going to buy any shoes, some certain features are necessary to look in shoes like comfort, look and price, etc. alligator leather loafers are made on the same features and patterns. Loafers are the favorite shoe of youngsters and fun people. Most of the people don’t know about the main feature of the loafer.

· Shaded design:

The design of the shoes is available in shaded colors. The black and brown combination of the shoe is natural and there is no interference of any artificial color in it.

· Comfortable:

Alligator loafers are comfortable shoes. You can wear them for the whole day but they will never bite your feet. Moreover, this shoe will make driving easy and comfortable.

· Durable:

Though, alligator shoes are expensive but they are durable too. Once you buy the shoes, it will last for the years if you follow the instructions of the manufacturers. It will also look good with your wedding dress. So, purchase it right away. If you never find them in the market then try them online because online stores keep some of the limited articles stored for their clients.