What Goes Well with Brown Oxford Shoes

Brown Oxford shoes make a classic and timeless addition to your wardrobe. These shoes are unique in their style statement and elegance. They offer you multiple dressing opportunities. Unlike plain black shoes, these shoes require you to style correctly if you want to create your fashionable presence among everyone else.

You should not be confused about what will go well with your brown Oxford shoes and what will not.  You are at the right place. This guide covers everything you need to know about pairing your dresses and accessories for different events when choosing Oxford shoes in brown color.

Suit and formal wear combinations that go well with brown Oxford shoes

Suit and formal wear combinations that go well with brown Oxford shoes

When we talk about wearing a formal suit with your brown Oxford shoes, you get a lot of classic combination options. Brown Oxfords have a sleek design, and when paired with classy formal suits, you get a polished appearance. However, you must know your color options. It is because not all colors go well with brown Oxford shoes. So, some of your color options are:

1. Navy Blue

Pairing a navy blue suit with brown Oxford shoes creates a perfect combination for a formal business event. The blue color adds class to your look. Brown color also adds the necessary warmth to your overall appearance. Choosing a white shirt with a dark-colored tie will complete your look.

2. Charcoal Grey

Another color that pairs very well with brown Oxford shoes is charcoal grey. It is the shade that gives you a more subtle look rather than the striking looks of navy-blue color. If you are going to an evening event, then this will be a great choice because both colors pair well with their earthly tones and provide you with a natural balance.

3. Other Lighter shades

Brown Oxford shoes are usually the choice for formal events in warm climates. When you are getting ready for a daytime event, you can buy these shoes with suit colors like:

  • Tan
  • Beige
  • Light grey, etc.

These will give you a more relaxed look and feel while keeping your appearance classic and polished. Apart from summer weddings these color combinations are also a great pick for outdoor business events.

4. Pay attention to your accessories

Accessorizing correctly can make your suit’s combination with brown Oxford shoes even better. If you have a leather belt that closely matches the shade of your Oxford shoes, then you must wear it. Similarly, a classic watch with a leather strap in the same brown time will complete your look. You can add even more detail by picking pocket squares, cufflinks, tie clips, etc., in similar shades, but it depends on the type of event you are attending.

Casual attire paired with brown Oxford shoes for a classy look

Casual attire paired with brown Oxford shoes for a classy look.

While Oxford shoes in brown color are usually paired with formal wear, if you style things right you can pair these with your casual clothes as well. Remember that Oxford shoes are sophisticated in looks while casual clothes are more relaxed, so you must maintain the necessary balance in your style.

1. Styling with Demin

The best casual wear to pair with a brown Oxford shoe will be Demin jeans. Both dark and lighter Demin jeans go very well with brown Oxford shoes, but it is very important to pick your shirt carefully to complement the overall look.

2. Styling with Chinos

These shoes also pair very well with Chinos in a variety of colors like Khaki, Grey, Beige, etc. This combination works well when you want casual attire but an overall sophisticated look. When pairing them with Chinos, you must pick the right top, like a polo shirt or a plain tee. These shoes also go well with Chinos in darker colors like navy, creating a striking appearance.

3. Picking tops and layering effectively

What you wear on top will have a significant appearance on your overall look. Your best options will be casual plain tees, polo shirts, or smart semi-formal shirts with ties. Remember that layering can help during the winter season. Choosing a casual blazer or sweater over your shirt will add layering and create a more in-depth outlook.

Tips for mixing and matching clothes with brown Oxford shoes

Tips for mixing and matching clothes with brown Oxford shoes.

Now that you know your casual and formal options that go with your brown Oxford shoes, here are some tips that will further assist you in picking the right things.

  • Choose the shade of brown shoes carefully.
  • Work with earth colors like olive, beige and tan for a balanced appearance.
  • Match with dark jeans for a casual-smart look.
  • Make your shoes and belt the same color to look good together in what you wear.
  • Try wearing soft-colored shirts for a gentle difference.
  • Wear navy and grey suits for a timeless professional style.
  • Choose socks with designs for a fun look.
  • Put on light-colored jackets or sweaters for extra classiness.
  • Pick things like bags and jewelry that match nicely in shades of brown or burgundy.

Follow all these tips and you will master the art of wearing these unique shoes with style and confidence.

Final Words

Having good looking brown oxford shoes can be a good addition to your collection. You can style your dress better with these shoes. You can try them with all kinds of dresses. They can match the vibe of different attires.

You need to be creative while making your dress and shoes selection. We hope the tips mentioned above will help you try your brown Oxford shoes in the best way.