How to Choose Jackets for Short Men?

Styling with the current trends can be a little challenging for shorter men since they don’t get a lot of options that fit perfectly. Most men find it challenging because they don’t know the right way to shop for their clothes and other accessories. Since jackets make an important part of your wardrobe, they must be perfect in every aspect to keep you in style, but finding the perfect jacket is not as simple for short men as it sounds.

In this guide, we will be looking at some vital factors short men can consider before choosing jackets. They are tips that can help you find the perfect jacket to flatter your height. Read the details below before deciding to pull out your credit card. Let’s get started.

Jackets for Short Men

How to choose jackets for short men? Your comprehensive guide to staying in style

There is no need to compromise on your style and comfort; as with the guide below, you can find the perfect jacket regardless of your short height.

1. Pay attention to the length of the jacket.

When buying jackets for short men, you need to start shortlisting your options with the length. The overall length of the jacket matters as it should end around the crotch area. Getting a longer jacket will make you appear shorter. Similarly, you must carefully select the sleeve length. When you keep your arms at your sides, the sleeves must end at the beginning on your thumb, and you may need tailoring services for perfect sleeve length.

2. Go for single-breasted jackets.

When you are short, you must go for more flattering jackets. It is important to get a cleaner line on the front that will make the body feel longer. The difference between single-breasted jackets and double-breasted jackets is that single-breasted ones create a finer line around the body. This line helps keep your height looking longer by having fewer buttons to be buttoned.

3. Go for vertical patterns to elongate the frame.

Apart from the tailoring structure of your jacket, the visual patterns of its fabric are also important in making you look less short. If you go for patterns including:

  • Vertical patterns
  • Vertical lines
  • Pinstripes

You will immediately notice that the frame of your body appears longer with the patterns as compared to other designs, especially horizontal patterns. However, if you don’t want a patterned jacket, you may go for a plain one for a more normal look.

4. Structured shoulders give a better vertical appearance.

Buying a jacket for a short man means that you must pay attention to every factor that will add to your vertical appearance. One of those factors is getting structured shoulders. The jackets with sharp shoulder lines can add a little bit of height to your body frame and give you more of a vertical appearance. If you pair it with vertical patterns, your short height will be magically covered under the structure and design of that jacket.

5. A higher button stance will make your legs look longer

The button stance can raise or lower your waistline. If the button stance is lower, your waistline will appear to be lower, and your legs will appear short, which you don’t want. So, it is better to go for a higher button stance. It will raise your waistline, resulting in longer appearing legs. Hence, you will appear to be taller due to the button stance.

6. Get minimalist and less bulky jackets to keep it classy.

When shortlisting your jackets, you must go for qualities that make the jacket itself look much slimmer than wider. Shorter men usually have a wide body frame, and getting a jacket with the same frame will make you appear shorter. Instead, go for minimalist and plain jackets that have a less bulky look; slanted pockets without flaps will play a huge part in making your jackets appear less bulky and short.

Comfortable Jacket

7. Pick your colors appropriately.

The jacket color can play an important role in making the body look longer or more concise. In fact, what color you wear under the jacket will have significance as well. Wearing one color with similar shades will create an uninterrupted vertical line. It will make you look taller than you are. Moreover, go for darker shades to get a slimming effect all over your body and pairing them with the same color inners will create a longer-appearing body structure.

8. Keep a good balance between comfort and style.

Styling perfectly is essential when you want to be visually attractive with your dress. However, you must not compromise on your comfort since an uncomfortable jacket will impact your confidence negatively. If you feel that your jacket is not stylish enough, you must pair it with the right accessories. Using thin and long accessories like ties will help. Meanwhile, you must stay away from anything that makes you look bulky.

9. Stay updated with trends bet prioritize your body shape.

You must get your jackets relevant to the current fashion trends, but remember to prioritize your appearance first. For example, going for lighter colors, loose jackets, or bulky accessories might be trending. However, keeping your body shape in mind, you must prioritize features that make you look taller first and then focus on style.

10. Going for a tailored fit will be the best.

Since you are an outlier, you may not find the best fit and style in store-bought jackets. Even if you do, you will still need some tailoring. So, it is a better option to go for tailored jackets for perfect fitting. A jacket that fits you perfectly will add a lot to your overall appearance. Moreover, getting a slim-fit look will make you look tighter, so the overall body structure will appear longer.

perfect jacket regardless of your short height

Final Words

Dressing correctly is of critical importance when you want to make your style statement. Average-sized people find it very easy to get the perfect size and fit. However, for short men, it can be a challenge to get the right jacket. We hope that now you can find a jacket that makes you appear taller with longer legs, structured shoulders and a flatter front. It will not only help you improve your style but boost your confidence as well.