Samsung Galaxy S10 Features

Samsung Galaxy S10 is the upcoming model of the Samsung series. It is going to release on February 20, 2019. Since the updates and information about Samsung Galaxy S10 were not enough declared officially but some of the details of this incredible smartphone were leaked through some of the resources.

Well, the releasing date of Samsung Galaxy S10 is officially declared by the Samsung Company. They also had announced some of the features of this latest Samsung smartphone due to which, it highly became popular among people so that they cannot wait for it to be released in the market.

So, some of the amazing features of Samsung Galaxy S10 are as follows:

Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10

1. Biometric Security

Samsung had indulged a biometric security system in its latest Galaxy S10 smartphone. The company had offered in-screen fingerprint scanner and an improved 3D face scanner. This technique has been used in different other smartphones like Huawei Mate 20 pro and OnePlus 6T. It is the latest security system that offers a more powerful and reliable security atmosphere which is quite impossible to hack or crack by any unauthorized person.

2. High Definition Camera

Samsung is already very much popular because of its camera results. The previous models of Samsung also have amazing camera features that offer incredible picture quality but Samsung Galaxy S10 contains a quad lens rear camera with almost 16MP lenses which is the best combination in any smartphone. It also has a single lens front camera with 13MP lenses for the best selfie result offering.

3. Battery Power

Most of the top rated smartphones don’t offer much powerful battery power due to which they become unable to offer the best battery timing. While Samsung Galaxy S10 offers 3,500mAh battery power which is a perfect battery option in Samsung series.

This smartphone is able to offer you 100% charging within 30 minutes and it will long last for almost 2 days without connecting to any power source.

Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+

Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+

4. High Performance

Better performance is also very much important in most smartphones. If a smartphone doesn’t have better RAM and high storage then it will be not worthy for you to utilize it.

Since Samsung Galaxy S10 offers 8GB RAM and 128GB of fast storage. This is the best combination of RAM and storage in any of the smartphone ever. With these attributes, you can utilize the smartphone more effectively and efficiently.

This smartphone also offers octa-core chipset which is built on an 8nm process. In this way, it will less consume battery power and offer more enhanced performance as compared to the other smartphones in this range.

5. Improved AR Emoji

Samsung Galaxy S10 offers improved AR Emoji which is a more interesting and enjoyable feature in this new model. This feature offers the emojis that look exactly like you. This technique is able to scan your facial expression and draw the exact emoji of your face. In this way, you can create your own customized emoji in a better way.

So, consider the above-described features of Samsung Galaxy S10 and avail this incredible smartphone exactly after its release.